Ralph Lauren

Born: October 14, 1939, New York, US | Successful For: Founder of Polo Ralph Lauren | Zodiac Sign: Libra

Ralph Lauren Entrepreneur

3 Keys to Success From Ralph Lauren’s Story


Ralph Lauren Declared What You Wished To Be True:

Ralph Lauren knew he wanted to become a millionaire and wasn’t afraid to let people know, even as a kid. He literally made the decision to be a millionaire, and stated in his high school yearbook that he “hoped to become a millionaire” when asked what he wanted to be when he was older. Successful people are always thinking outside the box, they’ve already made their mind up that they do not want to live ordinary, but instead, extraordinary.

Ralph Lauren Understood Visions Come First, Reality Comes After:

He had a vision that was different than other fashion companies. Instead of focusing on fashion trends and what fashion enthusiasts like, he focused on the everyday person that was too busy with life to keep up with fashion trends. As a result he created classic, fashionable clothing for the average person. He states that movies impacted his vision and allowed him to dream bigger, “I was very influenced by movies; I was very influenced by a world that had a sense of dream.” Having a vision in mind will speed up the process of reaching your goals.


Ralph Lauren Was Driven Enough To Turn His Dream Into Reality:

Lauren was very driven to make his dreams reality. Even though he didn’t attend fashion school, Ralph Lauren sold ties in high school, got a job as a salesman in a clothing company, and even got financial backing ($50,000) from fashion expert Norman Hilton to create his own company. He walked confidently towards his dreams without looking back. “People ask how can a Jewish kid from the Bronx do preppy clothes? Does it have to do with class and money? It has to do with dreams.”

Motivation from Ralph Lauren

It’s all possible and I’m living proof Quote by Ralph Lauren


Little Known Success Fact:

As much as Ralph Lauren is classy, he is humble, his company has donated around $13 million to Smithson Institution to preserve the first American Flag that inspired the US anthem, and he’s also created his own charity to prevent cancer (after his good friend Nina Hyde died of breast cancer), called the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention.




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