The Top 10 Most Inspiring Lil Boosie Quotes

Lil Boosie is a hip hop artist from Louisiana who began his career in the 90’s before being incarcerated for 8 years to drugs charges. Upon his release, Lil Boosie changed his name to Boosie Badazz and immediately made his return to his life long passion of rap. Lil Boosie is an overcome who endured through so many struggles and is a classic example of perseverance. From growing up through rough projects, serving a long duration of prison time and battling kidney cancer.

Here are the 10 most motivational Lil Boosie quotes about not taking life for granted, finding the lessons in the silver lining and never forgetting where you’re from.

10 Inspirational Lil Boosie Quotes


“Everything happens for a reason, but they all lessons.” – Lil Boosie



“If you forget where you come will never make it where you goin.” – Lil Boosie


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“As far as my mentality with music, I’m going crazy, man. I’m making the best music I ever made, and I feel I can just keep on making music. Right now, I’m in a mental state where I’m going hard. Cancer opened by eyes up to a lot of things, it made me more grateful for being who I am.” – Lil Boosie



“The lies you saying ain’t affecting me or stressing me because God keep on blessing me.” – Lil Boosie



“I think I’m deeper in my music now. I touch on more life situations, more world situations, what’s going on outside.” – Lil Boosie



“You know why they hate me, cause they love me.” – Lil Boosie


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“We going show the world the definition of real sh*t, my brother. You gotta feel it, lil hustler.” – Lil Boosie



“I got my GED, I completed all these courses, so I even came home a couple months earlier! Then I was able to touch my people who visit. I was given a job in the kitchen, I was just given more freedom.– Lil Boosie



“We need programs. We need sports on every corner. We need this things everywhere for these youth. If you don’t have nothing to keep the youth busy, they are going to the corner. They’re going to grab a gun. If you can’t grab a football, a basketball, a tablet, they go and grab a gun. They’re always going to blame the rappers, but you got nothing in the community, you got nothing to try to help those kids, so who else are they going to look up to? And they criticize them for trying to go rap, to try to be like us, but they see that as a talent. That’s a talent we’re providing for them. ” – Lil Boosie


“Life is short, man.” – Lil Boosie


Bonus Lil Boosie Quote:

“When you down and out don’t nobody trust ya, but when you got bread it seems like everybody love ya.” – Lil Boosie


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