The 10 Dak Prescott Quotes To Give You Hope

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Dak Prescott came into the NFL and got his chance for glory when QB Tony Romo got injured, and he did nothing shy of seize the opportunity. He was not highly drafted as he went in the 4th round but like many QB’s and stars before him, it didn’t matter if others didn’t believe in him or not, he had the final say with his own belief system. These quotes are a powerful testament to that self worth. It’s now very clear that all along, Dak Prescott was seasoned for greatness within and had bigtime intentions, not to mention, he grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan, which can suggest how powerful our minds can attract desires like a magnet.

Folks, let’s never forget, the power lies within our own mind and soul, regardless of the outside world and their often scarce and limited ways. If you feel confident in yourself and you have a yearning passion and purpose that outweighs just outer possessions such as money, you can catapult any dream no matter how big into your reality.

Dak has also been an overcomer of adversity in other areas, for one, his mother, who was his best friend and mentor, died years back from battling colon cancer. “All the obstacles I’ve had to overcome and the obstacles she had to overcome to put me in this position and everybody in my family. It’s exciting.” His mother was a big football fan and raised her 3 boys with the game that brought them together. Dak keeps his mother very close to him and has a tattoo that reflects her strength. He gets his commitment and work ethic from her as she was a single mother who raised 3 boys while working extremely hard and almost never missing a game.

With enough grit, we can all turn our belief system into a real life manifestation. Dak Prescott’s life story reflects the magic each and every one of us hold within, if we allow ourselves to tap into, to use it and to believe in it.

These highly engaging Dak Prescott quotes will uplift and inspire you to set daring intentions into the universe and push you to strive for the impossible.

10 Inspirational Dak Prescott Quotes


“Mind over matter and faith. Believing that you can do anything. No matter the circumstances, mind over matter. Which is mom, who that taught me that, you can go a long way no matter what gets in your way.” – Dak Prescott


“Having a chip on my shoulders, I just wanted to prove myself each and every day. We were always predicted last, and I just wanted to prove people wrong.” – Dak Prescott


“I feel like this is where I’m supposed to be, this is where I’m meant to be. I just go out there each and everyday as this is my job, and I’ve got to put effort in front.” – Dak Prescott

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“I just try to live my life the right way.” – Dak Prescott


“I’m confident in myself. I’m confident in my knowledge of the game.” – Dak Prescott


“I like to stay in the moment, live in the play. Not really think about who I’m playing.” – Dak Prescott


“(I’m) a guy that loves the game of football. Plays with a lot of passion. Is out there for his family, for his teammates, for the organization.” – Dak Prescott

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“I just continue to be myself, study the game the same way, be ready for my number to be called.” – Dak Prescott


“It’s football. I love to play football, as long as I’m doing that, I’m excited. I don’t care if it’s a crucial situation in the game, or it’s just practice. I try to treat it all the same and do my best.” – Dak Prescott


“When opportunity presents itself, don’t ask why. Just take it and run with it.” – Dak Prescott

Bonus Dak Prescott Quote:

“I definitely got high expectations for myself and wanted it to happen one day but it happened a lot faster than expected.” – Dak Prescott

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