Top 10 Ezekiel Elliott Quotes To Reach Greatness

Ezekiel Elliot is shattering records quicker than he is blowing past defenses on the field, if that’s even possible. He is also proving to the world that his capabilities and talents are equally matched with his mindframe and desire for greatness. As a kid, he was always determined and highly motivated, which he credits to his support system of family, friends and coaches. The 4th overall draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys had much promise, and he has lived up to every bit of it, making his team an instant possible Super Bowl candidate. The inspiring running back is dominating the record books alongside his mature rookie quarterback Dak Prescott who also has his many words of wisdom.

Ezekiel’s journey has not been an easy ride however, which gives us a great idea of why his character is so well developed. Losing a close friend, choosing a different college team despite pressure to play for his parent’s alma mater university and being the skinniest guy on the team.

Any time obstacles stand in our way or tragedy and pressure gets in front of our journey, knocking them all down is the only thing to do. Think of it like this, if the path is smooth, chances are you will struggle harder when the going does inevitably get tough. When things always work out, it can be a hindrance and keeps you limited when any bit of failure does occur.

These motivating Ezekiel Elliott quotes will encourage you to set bigtime intentions and then not get thrown off during your course to glory regardless of any adversity.

10 Inspirational Ezekiel Elliott Quotes


“If you trust your support system, you trusted people that cared for you. And you listened to them, then nothing but good things will come from that.” – Ezekiel Elliott


“This is what I’ve worked my whole life for and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m excited for the season, I’m excited to start this journey and I’m ready to go kick some ass.” – Ezekiel Elliott


“They can’t tackle me.” – Ezekiel Elliott

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Cowboys at Redskins 9/18/16
Cowboys at Redskins 9/18/16


“It means a lot to you know go out there and break a record, but it’s just one step towards what we want to do. One step towards greatness.” – Ezekiel Elliott


“We want it more than a lot of teams, that’s what it comes down to, that’s what this game comes down to.” – Ezekiel Elliott


“When I got to Ohio state, I was a skinny 17 year old with a team of a bunch of grown men. I was trying to figure out how I’m going to separate myself from these guys who were bigger, faster and stronger than me and I was like, man the only thing I can do is I’ve got work harder than them and do what they don’t want to do. At that point I decided I was going to become the best blocking back in America and that’s what I did. ” – Ezekiel Elliott


“Honestly, I go into every game planning to dominate.” – Ezekiel Elliott

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“I trusted my landmark, I ran through the snow. And at the end of the tunnel, there’s nothing but bright lights.” – Ezekiel Elliott


“I think we all have that mentality (greatness), and that’s why we’ve been successful. We all go out to work every weekend, we expect to go out there and dominate and win ball games. So that’s why this team is good because we expect to do what we be doing.” – Ezekiel Elliott


“I’m just always trying to find the end zone.” – Ezekiel Elliott

Bonus Ezekiel Elliott Quote:

“I looked at it, and I could see my reflection in that gold trophy and I kissed it. It was the best feeling in the whole world.” – Ezekiel Elliott

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