How To Take Charge of Your Life Once & For All

Take charge of your life like a lion

Are you a person that takes charge of your life, or do you let the outer circumstances determine where your life is going? There’s a saying that “most of the world is asleep, and only a few are awake.” This means most of the world is constantly affected by their outer circumstances, they let what they hear and what they see become their reality. Unless you want to live the rest of your days conforming to societal norms, you need to learn to get into the driver seat and take charge of your life.

So, at this point you’re probably asking HOW? How do you “wake up” and start to take charge of what happens throughout this journey? One of the things you need to do is take total responsibility for everything that has happened to you so far, because if you don’t, you’ll never be able to make real changes. Here is how to take charge of your life once and for all:


Take Total Responsibility For Everything

The only way you can change any circumstance is to take total responsibility for where you’re at in life. If you believe that you are where you are because of outer circumstances, like “there are no jobs out there”, or “my job is too consuming for me to get into shape,” or whatever it may be, you will never be able to change it. It make take a lot of courage, but you have to take full responsibility and tell yourself that “I am where I am because I let myself get here.” Remember, the truth shall set you free and so once you do that, you can start to change as you are no longer giving the power to the outer circumstances and situations that have occurred, but are taking the power back into your own hands so that you can begin to really take charge of your life and mold it into the way you want.

Take Charge Of Your Mind To Take Charge Of Your Life

Here’s an example, instead of trying to make your mind believe that your job is the reason you don’t have time to exercise, you need to take a closer look at yourself, examine the real reasons why you’re not exercising (not based on your circumstances, but based on yourself), and then you may realize that when you get back from work, you just get lazy, a little tired, and choose not to work out. Realizing this can allow you to stop being lazy and start taking action instantly. Don’t let any outer circumstances determine your reality, stop being a slave to your mind and start deciding how you want to live.


Be Like A Lion, Content At All Times

The next step to getting into the driver seat of your life is to become like the king of the jungle, the lion. Have you ever seen a pebble or anything fall by a lion at the zoo , unlike a deer, or a monkey, the lion will not get startled, it is in control of its surroundings, it will slowly look around, yawn, and lie back down as if it didn’t affect him in anyway. Lions don’t react to situations, they make things happen (the next time you’re at the zoo, analyze the lions), and they never let something on the outside affect them. In order for you to become a leader in your own world, you can’t let life push you around, like Dodge says, you’ve got to “grab life by the horns.”

People that take charge of their lives and mold them into the type of lifestyle they want don’t get affected by what people tell them, instead they listen to their inner gut and go by what feels right for them. For example, when someone tells them their dreams are “unrealistic”, they don’t react in disappointment, and in fact they don’t react at all, but just keep going as if it were nothing personal. They keep molding their life into the life they want, regardless of how many pebbles come their way.


Choose What You Want To Do, Not What You “Have To” Do

There is nothing you “have” to do in this world, so don’t get caught up in thinking that you have to live life based on what everyone else is thinking or doing. If you read about the successful people on this website and see how they made it, they prioritized their duties putting their passions first before everything else. Successful people choose to do what they want to do, rather than what they think they have to do. Have you ever heard of those success stories of people who decide to do what they love and put that first before everything else including getting a job, or going to college, and some how they found a way to succeed? Well that’s because these people decided to do what they wanted to do, they didn’t do what “society” expected them to do. To begin to take charge of where you’re headed, you have to prioritize everything that’s important to you and put your most important things first, whatever they may be.

In conclusion, if you want to begin to really take charge of your life and direct it in the right way so that you can build a lifestyle that many would die for, you must learn to take responsibility for everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Next, gain total awareness so that you don’t react to negative situations, in fact those negative situations will be nothing but a detour on your way to success. And last of all, your life is yours to live, no one else’s so choose what you want to go for, and put everything else secondary. Start this instance to apply these steps and your life will slowly begin to mold into the masterpiece you’ve been yearning for.



Image Source (Creative Commons): wwarby