How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything!

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Motivational speaker and success coach T Harv Eker has dubbed the phrase “how you do anything is how you do everything!” This statement is not to be taken lightly and can enhance your life immensely. In its simplest form, it means how you do one thing is how you’ll do the next thing. It can be a significant reason you have not attained success. For example, if your room is always a mess and you never clean it up chances are your finances are also very unorganized and same goes for your entire life. The key to applying this knowledge is as follows:


Habits make or break us

In order to apply the “how you do anything is how you do everything principal” you must first, change your habits. The way to effectively do this is to first recognize what routines are constantly showing up in your life. Let’s take procrastination for example, if you procrastinate, you procrastinate in everything you do and the first step is to understand, admit and truly own up to it. Understand that this problem affects every area of your life! It’s what’s holding you back and it’s what’s keeping you where you’ve always been. Habit’s cause a lack of growth and keep you in the same routine, remember, success comes with growth so you MUST break these habits. The second step is to replace these habits with what you want to have instead. Let’s go back to the procrastination example, if you want to get rid of procrastination you have to replace it with something better. In order to this, you need to come up with a statement that is strong and clear; something like I intend to finish tasks as soon as I receive them! This will be the vision you work toward. The last and most crucial step is to consistently follow your new habit! There may be times when it seems difficult or times when your mind is telling you not to but when you push yourself and gain the first taste of success more will follow and soon you will have created a new habit. Momentum will roll like a freight train, and remember, momentum begins with a moment. Before you know it, the habit is altered to better suit your life.


Live life with passion

Another way to follow the principle “how you do anything is how you do everything” is to be passionate about everything you do. Make a decision to live life on purpose and put effort into everything you do. When you understand this concept you’ll begin to realize that when you do one thing with all your effort, it becomes easier to have that same energy in the next thing and so on. For example, if you give it your all when you work out in the morning you will be at a better state where anything you do after that will be easier to pursue with the same amount of passion and commitment. Success brings more success so if you do everything with a passion, it’s easy to keep the ball rolling and build on top of the small successes you’ve accomplished. The overall goal is to create a fulfilled lifestyle where you are constantly reaching your goals because you pursue everything with a deep seeded passion.


Stay motivated

The final step to applying “how you do anything is how you do everything” is to stay inspired. Every day of your life is an opportunity to get closer to your goal so it’s crucial to stay motivated through each endeavor! There are times in your day when you may begin to get ahead of yourself and think you’ve done enough, even when deep down inside you know that you haven’t completed everything you planned to. When this happens you must remember that you can always change your state and refuel yourself by getting motivated. There are many ways to get motivated, some of my favorites are as follows:

  • Check out an inspiring article, listen to motivating music or certain videos
  • Look in the mirror get real excited and do affirmations
  • Gain inspiration from other successful people to get you juiced!
  • Remind yourself of your goals and what it would feel like to have achieved them
  • Call a friend or mentor to give you that extra push
  • Visualize

However you decide to get refueled it is important that you do. Because no one in life is trying to accomplish one goal, most people must juggle around health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality every single day and to stay on top of it all motivation is a necessity.




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