Ned Flanders Knows The Secrets To Success

Ned Flanders Success

If you’re a Simpsons fan, you probably love the infamous Homer Simpson, and Bart with his “cow-a-bunga” slang, but have you ever stopped to think of Ned Flanders? Flanders may be that annoying character on the show that Homer’s always jealous of, but if you think about it, he’s jealous for a reason; Ned’s got everything he’s wanted. He’s healthy and fit, he was happily married (until his wife died), and he’s got financial freedom from his business he owns called “Leftorium” (the shop for left-handed people). Not only that, he’s the man every girl in Springfield wishes they had.

According to the creators of the Simpsons, Ned Flanders was actually created as the “perfect” person that everybody in Springfield found annoying, however, whether you find Flanders annoying or not, as funny as it may sound, he has a lot going for him, and here’s his secrets to success.


When You Have Faith, Everything ALWAYS Works Out

The next time you watch the Simpsons, keep an eye out for Ned, he tends to always have things work out his way. When something looks like its going wrong on the show, Ned Flanders will always act as if everything is still going to work out, and surely enough, for him it does. Whereas Homer gets mad, complains, and things seldom workout the way he wants. This is because Ned always has complete faith that things are going to come together for the better, and as a result, it does. He’s the perfect representation of someone who has achieved his desires. Having faith like Ned allows you to clear your mind so you don’t stress on your quest, this is one of the main secrets to success.


Life Becomes “Fan-diddly-astic” When You’re Optimistic

Some of you may think the character of Ned Flanders gets walked all over; and he does, which may be his only flaw, but this is only because he looks at every situation in a positive perspective. So when Homer tells Flanders to do something like “get lost, Flanders”, unlike most people, he sees it through a positive light. He knows that being negative won’t change anything, and as corny as it may sound, being a positive person will get you further in life than being a negative one. Sure the cast over-exaggerates Flanders’ optimism with his “diddly’s” and his “okily-dokily’s”, but the point is that Flanders doesn’t let any negativity affect him. If things aren’t going your way, don’t be like most people and let it get the best of you, instead, be like Flanders, accept it, change your perspective into a positive one, and consequently you will slowly start to lighten up about life.


With No Ego, Not Even Homer Simpson Can Get Under Your Skin

In the Simpsons, they portray Ned as a man who irritates and annoys the other characters, the reason being is because literally nothing can throw him off. One of his secrets to success is his ability to not let things effect him. Homer always tries to get under Ned’s skin, but he doesn’t let it bother him, in other words, he doesn’t have any ego. Ned knows how to stay calm, cool, and collective in the worst of situations, and therefore, people aren’t able to match up to his poise. When you’re completely content with yourself, and believe in yourself more than others, nothing will be able to take you off course, not even Homer Simpson!

There was an episode where Homer and Ned bet against each other and the loser would have to mow the others lawn in their wife’s dress. Through unprecedented events, they both lost and both mowed the lawn. Homer Simpson mowed the lawn in an angry attitude, whereas Ned Flanders decided to make the best of it, and actually enjoyed it. This type of attitude will make you not only live a positive lifestyle, but you will literally gain a happier, stress-free mentality.

As annoying as Ned Flanders can get, he seems to always have everything work out the way he wants because he understands the secrets to success in life. Often we forget that the hints and clues to leading a fulfilling life of mere bliss are all around us, even in the wacky, popular cartoon, The Simpson’s.