Exploring Pablo Picasso’s Quote About “Doing That What I Cannot Do”

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” – Pablo Picasso


You will notice that Pablo didn’t say I am always thinking about doing that which I cannot do… No, he clearly stated “I am always doing…” When we “do” that which we cannot do, it is in the moment of “doing” that we actually learn how to either do it, or not to do it. In other words, just like Edison, Picasso realized the only way to learn how not to do something was to do it. Once we finally succeed, once we finally learn, then we can say, we did it. The way we did it, was by deciding that even though we didn’t’ know how, we could and would learn. Learning is an activity. We learn by doing!

Ideas and theory are great because they give us direction. The Scientific Method serves a very valuable purpose. It provides a framework for how to begin. It doesn’t give us an answer however, only the experiment does that. And, although we first think about the experiment, nothing really happens until we begin…

So then, what does it actually take to move forward on an idea? Understanding that all things are created twice, first in thought and then in action, provides a simple two step process to begin. First, decide what you want by thinking about the desired outcome or destination. Second, act on the thought or idea by taking action on the very first step. In other words, “Choose to begin” COMMIT! We only need to begin, to take the first step. The next steps will be discovered or revealed to us after having taken the first step. Then, just keep taking the next step, and the next, and the next, and before we even realize it sometimes, we have learned how to do that which we previously could not do.  It is always in the doing that we learn how to do it. Picasso was Brilliant!

When we follow his “mantra” we can be brilliant to! Let’s be brilliant, together!!

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