Nocturnal Animals Writer and Director Tom Ford: A Man of Many Talents

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Most recognize Tom Ford as a fashion mogul, expected to be seen on runways and red carpets surrounded by celebrities adorning his latest designs. But when Ford isn’t in the world of fashion and glamour, he takes seat as a film director, producer and screenwriter amongst some of the most popular and talented heavy-hitters in cinema today.

Two weeks ago, Tom Ford’s screenplay for Nocturnal Animals was nominated for a Golden Globe. Though it lost to Damien Chazelle’s La La Land, this was only Ford’s second movie, his first being A Single Man (2009), which also received high acclaim and was well-received by audiences and critics alike.

Ford began his iconic career in the fashion industry landing a dream job as the Creative Director at Gucci and later, Yves Saint Laurent. Upon his departure from Gucci, he began what is now one of the world’s top men’s designer lines named after himself.

Besides his charming personality and immaculate eye for detail in design, Ford is known for his provocative and often times hyper-sexualized commercials and advertisements. Naturally, this led to an incredible amount of criticism and left many consumers polarized, it is undoubtable that Ford’s contributions significantly impacted the way most organizations now approach brand management and product marketing.

For someone who has dedicated his life to creative endeavors, specifically and arguably to one of the most superficial industries within the arts, the following quote comes as a surprise as his contempt towards fashion is evidently clear: “From the time we’re born until we die, we’re kept busy with artificial stuff that isn’t important”.

With disregard to the quality of his work, balancing both of these vastly different yet equally demanding careers alone is an impressive feat. The fashion industry is notoriously fragile and fast-paced, and making it big as a screenwriter is an almost impossible dream. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Tom Ford attributes his success to his intense and habitual scheduling. With his demanding lifestyle and strict regimen, Ford admits that he isn’t used to simply “hanging out” with friends or having spontaneous trips. He also added that he schedules meetings a year in advance, which truly emphasizes the intensive nature of his work. Ford also manages his career whilst maintaining a strong relationship with his partner of thirty years (and three years of marriage), and a four year old son, Alexander John Buckley Ford.

Many credit Tom Ford’s success to talent or giftedness, but Ford insists that it is out of a love for his craft that he is able to be as hard working and dedicated as he is. Through the many career risks he has defiantly taken on, whether that includes starting his own fashion line or beginning a new alternate career in writing for which he had no background for, it is evident that his success is truly attributed to his work ethic.

Author: Raazia Rafeek

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