J. Cole: Reflecting on His Hometown, Struggles with Success & His Need to Come Back

J. Cole speaks about his humble beginnings and yearning at a young age to leave his hometown, Fayetteville NC. His pursuit led to revolutionizing the hip hop industry. Cole also speaks about how chasing material items is a miserable thing to do because it ultimately leads to unhappiness. When you chase money or material items, you do have a goal in mind. While having goals is good, you have to realize that your goal is tangible, meaning that you can reach for it and have it in your grasp. Once you reach it, you may have accomplished your goal but then what? Yeah, you might have expensive and luxurious things but eventually you’ll move on and want something else. So now the chase begins again. It’s a cycle that never ends. When you do something meaningful, where you feel you’re making a difference and it doesn’t feel like work. That’s intangible. You cannot touch that. It’s a feeling. And it’s a great one.