The Imprint Of Print: 9 Life Changing Books

Everywhere we go we experience things that either brings us to a higher vibration state or
a lower one. Though the final decisions and actions we make are entirely up to us, as
humans, we sometimes need that extra push to really keep us going. For some, that
motivational force may come from a family member, a lover, a good friend, or even a
pet! But one of the most life altering and encouraging ways to receive inspiration is from
a book. Whether it is 10 or 10,000 pages, the lessons and messages we get from reading
can be life changing. While there may be no sounds or pictures, we use our minds to live
vicariously through what we see in these pages. Whether you take notes mentally or
physically, books are a great way to enhance your knowledge about certain aspects of
life, or perhaps even change it. The following are a list of books that offer great messages
to carry with you throughout life from finance to basic life principles:
1. Paul Coelho: The Alchemist- In this book, we follow a young boy named
Santiago on his way to Egypt who has dreams of finding a treasure. This book
highlights the deeper meaning of what it means to truly find one’s purpose.
Along the way, Santiago meets people who provide him with knowledge of self.
Do you remember the freedom and creativity you had as a child? This book is a
perfect way to understand how that period of your life is very vital to who you
are and what you may become. The main message is: “When you want
something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
2. Don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements- Shamanic teacher and healer Don
Miguel Ruiz shares with us wisdom about personal beliefs passed down from his
Toltec ancestors. Ruiz offers insight on how we can rid ourselves of limitations and
unhappiness in our lives. Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything
personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best – 4 easy principles to
remember and apply to one’s life.
3. Deepak Chopra: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success- From Monday to Sunday,
you can look forward to the 7 laws of success to guide the way you think in terms of
the goals you need to achieve. In this read, Chopra shows us that instead of working
hard to get what we want, which is what most of us have been taught- we should
instead make it a priority to fulfill our desires with ease and joy.
4. Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad Poor Dad – In an interesting way, Kiyosaki tells a tale
of what he learned from his educated but financially unstable father and his friend’s
father who was a drop-out but eventually became a millionaire. He shows how the
poor and middle class work for money while the rich make money work for them.
This book is an amazing illustration of what it means to work smarter and not harder.
For those of you who want an easy and clear way of understanding how money can
work for you, and how much control you truly have over your finances, this book is a
great read.
5. Steve Siebold: How Rich People Think – Siebold compares the thoughts, beliefs and
habits of rich and middle class people. Through the use of a quarter century of interviews
with millionaires, Siebold presents us with the secrets and advice that we can apply to our
own lives. Though the messages may be brutally honest, it is enough to understand the
clarity and wisdom that the author is trying to illustrate to readers. Are you looking to
gain financial freedom? This book offers exactly that.
6. Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich – As a personal development and self-
improvement book, this book provides readers with insights from many successful people
and what they did to reach where they are despite many obstacles put before them. The
“Master mind principle” and “Knowing where you want to go” are just some of the
principles in this book that one can apply to their life. Through desire, faith and
persistence, the book suggests that you can reach your ultimate goals.
7. George Samuel Clason: The Richest Man of Babylon – Many of us are taught in
school everything except how to handle money. You may know many things, but the
techniques of making and saving money may be a difficult one! Through the use of
parables, this book provides its readers with financial wisdom. We tend to spend our
money on the things we desire, forgetting that some of what we earn is ours to keep!
Reading this book will definitely shed some light on the small choices we make that hurt
us at the end financially.
8. Rhone Byrne: The Secret – Through insightful stories of others and inspiring
messages, Byrne offers the idea that both positive and negative thinking can greatly affect
our lives. It explains how law of attraction and positive thinking can increase health,
wealth, and happiness. This book highlights the magnetic power our mind has and how
vital it is for us to stay positive in times of distress and in times of joy.
9. Robert Greene- The 48 Laws of Power- Gathering similar traits that powerful people
had throughout history, Greene has developed 48 ways that people can attain power in
their lives. Some of these ways may be completely opposite to what we think we must do
to achieve bigger goals, which makes the book such an interesting read. From mastering
the art of timing, to guarding your reputation, the book excels in offering insight in how
to control yourself and situations you may encounter. If read thoroughly, it will certainly
change the way you deal with the people around you, and most importantly, how you feel about yourself.

Author: Leeann Tannah

Displaying IMG-20160424-WA0002.jpgA graduate of the University of Guelph Humber with a degree in Media Communications, Leeann Tanaah is a writer, who has had extensive experience writing for radio & broadcast and interviewing prominent figures such as Mayor John Tory and Doug Ford. Tanaah has had two published articles, and is an on-air news journalist at Vibe 105.5 TO. Connect with her on Linkedin at Leeann Taaah and follow her blog at


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