Assessing Mahatma Gandi’s Quote “Losing Yourself In The Service Of Others”

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

All of the great humanitarians talk about service to others. When we shift the focus from self to others, we open up the possibility to make a real difference in the life of another. It doesn’t matter what our profession is, employee or entrepreneur, we all have an opportunity to make a difference. How? How do we make a difference?

We make a difference by rallying around or getting behind something we really believe in and then making a commitment to make a difference with our time, energy, money, talent, effort, labor, etc. We make a difference by getting involved. We make a difference by focusing on the needs of others.

One of the easiest ways to be in the service of others is to volunteer. We each have the capacity to make a profound difference in the life of another human being, a group, or an organization. All it takes is a willingness to make a difference and a commitment. If you have time, then give that. If you have money, then give that. If you have both, then give both. Do whatever you can with whatever you have, but don’t let what you can’t do, get in the way of what you can…

Some are called to serve in other ways. Teachers are called to serve in the capacity of educators for our children. Some are called to serve the interests of the public good… Some are prepared to lay down their lives in the service of their country. Some are called to serve as leaders in their faith. Some are called to be healers or to work in the healing arts. Some are called to support causes, movements, or foundations.

We all have the capacity to help others. Sometimes the greatest service we can provide is to simply offer of ourselves to help ease the suffering or struggle of another. When we lose ourselves in the service of others, we find our true self!

Author: Bobby Kountz

Bobby Kountz is a former Oncology Nurse, a seasoned Oncology Sales Professional, and Personal Development Enthusiast. He is also an Inspirational Writer, Professional Speaker, Personal Development and Career Transition Coach, Dedicated Community Volunteer, Social Equality Activist, Mental Health Activist, and Loving Father and Husband.