A Simple Yet Brilliant Idea To Let People Know They Are Loved

Seems simple doesn’t it? Yet, somehow, these three words can elude us. We wake up, we live our day, we go to sleep and somewhere along the way we forget that people love us. If only there was some way we could be constantly reminded. Like giant balls with ‘Love’ written across them.

“I created the balls as conceptual art. Then I would take really interesting photos to show that love is everywhere, even where it doesn’t seem that obvious” said ‘Big Love Ball’ creator Wendy Williams Watt. “As corny as that sounds, I’m compelled to do so.” Why? “There’s a thousand reasons why I do it.” she frankly answers. “It applies to many things, like animal rescue, autism, eating disorders…” as she keeps listing off parts of life that could use more love, one quickly realizes a thousand may be an understatement.

What started out as a reminder for her neighbors on their commute to work (by placing the balls in her window for them to see everyday), Big Love Ball has grown organically into a brand that brings people together. “People want to connect to each other and I love people. I love learning, I love complication, and I even love being wrong. That means I get to learn something,” Wendy laughs as she says so.  “I was married for many years. After that ended, I found myself on the other end of things. I was feeling disconnected. I saw so much loneliness and isolated people. All I wanted to do is go around and hug everyone and even kiss them on the forehead. I wanted to tell them, you’re not alone. You are not disposable. You are loved.” And she meant it. She started spreading her message, literally by spray painting it across people’s chest.

Wendy was a successful entrepreneur for many years. “I had a lot of stuff. I was successful and so I bought a bunch of things… but I was missing something,” Wendy states as she remembers her past. “You can’t change the world, but if you can create small bonds in your immediate network… that can have an impact” And what an impact she has made. She has worked with many artists, fire fighters of NYC, the Vancouver White Caps, Theo Fleury, Diner En Blanc, the cast of Full House, the Tea Party, couples in love and many more. “This project, it affects many people in a positive way because it is like a microphone or a podium: It amplifies love. It may seem innocuous, but it goes much deeper… ” Wendy states. And she’s right. Love may be the deepest emotion a human can feel and sometimes, in this crazy world, we forget to have some love for ourselves. But Wendy is changing that, one connection at a time. Visit her website at https://bigloveball.com/

Author: Jon Gagnon

Jon was born in Edmonton Alberta a son of a military father. As a result, he travelled all around Canada, living in Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Comox but now makes his home in Vancouver. Although Jon graduated from environmental engineering in 2008, Jon pursued a career in writing after a traumatic brain injury in 2014. Studying writing in NYC, Jon has since been an award winning writer and stand up comedian.