10 Mary J. Blige Quotes to Foster Self Love and Rise above Turmoil

Lets face it, if you don’t love yourself, how can you live your passions?  You have to know your worth, your truth, you have to know that you are enough and that all comes as a result of digging deep and knowing how to love yourself.  When you love yourself, you will know how to speak your truth, you will be aware of your talents and use them with confidence and you won’t let negativity get the best of you.

Mary J, Queen of Hiphop Soul is, and has always been an ambassador of self love. Her new album, ‘Strength of a Woman’, is testament to her own love of self.  In an interview with Angie Martinez, Mary J talks about her recent circumstances of divorce, and the stages of healing she went through during that period in her life, which she ultimately expressed in this album. Mary J. Blige recounted that every time she listened to the album, she felt all of the same emotions she felt when she recorded, yet they were more amplified.  Mary J’s ability to put words to music and have her emotions come to life, with the honesty of her circumstance, is an act of self love, to share with the world and heal, especially in her songs; ‘Indestructible’ and ‘Survivor’ – to share what she felt in her soul with everyone.

Mary J Blige also mentioned that during this period of turmoil in her life, she looked upon it as an opportunity for deliberate self care – another act of self love.  She mentioned that she didn’t want to succumb to her circumstance and end up like ‘Kurt Cobain’.  Essentially, she made the decision to love herself by choosing behaviors leading to wellness instead of choosing those that could lead to self-destruction.  Every day, moment to moment choices to rise above negativity, rather than remaining hostage to it, to bring herself up to another level instead of remaining stagnant and stuck.

In various moments of our lives, all we need are some reminders of the necessity to love ourselves.  The following Mary J. Blige quotes will help you do just that, to rise above in an effort to continue to work towards your dreams.

10 Mary J. Blige Quotes


“I had to learn how to trust my gut. Trust what I know to be right… not right, but not waver on who I am. Know who I am, know what I want, and know it. Not waver on it and be secure in that. And I still struggle with it. But I really… I can’t be moved. You can’t move me, and that all comes with loving myself, and I’m like my best buddy.” Mary J. Blige


“Music makes us want to live. You don’t know how many times people have told me that they’d been down and depressed and just wanted to die. But then a special song caught their ear and that helped give them renewed strength. That’s the power music has.” – Mary J. Blige


“God comes first – if I don’t love him, I can’t love anybody, and if I can’t love me I can’t love nobody.” – Mary J. Blige

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“I like hanging out with me, and I’ve accepted everything about me good, bad whatever it is. That’s why I’m able to, that’s why no one can tell me anything negative about myself.” – Mary J. Blige


“People in my neighborhood inspired me to sing. Believe in your ability no matter what, but be realistic with yourself and your ability.” – Mary J. Blige


“If you’re looking for inner peace from the outside world, you’re not going to get that. The inner peace starts with looking at you from the inside.” – Mary J. Blige


“The important thing is to realize that no matter what people’s opinions may be, they’re only just that – people’s opinions. You have to believe in your heart what you know to be true about yourself. And let that be that.” – Mary J. Blige

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“So as long as I’m a human being and I’m not perfect, I’m able to say I’m having some growing pains. Because in order to sustain where you are once you made such a breakthrough that everyone is looking at you, now everyone is like, ‘Ooh, is she gonna make a mistake?’ Yes, I’m going to make a mistake. Yes, I’m still gonna do things.” – Mary J. Blige


“In your life there’s peaks and valleys and sometimes we regress, and we don’t even know we regress. You just have to learn how to accept all of your mistakes and learn to love yourself again.” – Mary J. Blige


“I used to think I was ugly.  I thought I looked like a camel. A person who doesn’t love themselves, they will see anything that pops up on their face. I’ve seen squirrels, I’ve seen a bird and I’ve seen all kinds of animals on my face.  But that is the result of self-hate. I’ve learned to say ‘: ‘You know what? I am a beautiful black woman’.” – Mary J. Blige

Bonus Mary J. Blige Quote:

You can hate me. You can go out there and say anything you want about me, But you will love me later because I told you the truth.” – Mary J. Blige

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