10 Quotes By Winona Ryder to Help You Start Again

Winona Ryder used to run the world. She was famously the inspiration for Johnny Depp’s Wino forever tattoo that once read Winona Forever. Before a time where she was legendary for her strings of boyfriends including A-list actors and rock stars, and a slight career slump of box office flops, Ryder was a cultural and critical force with a prestigious acting career spanning decades. Ryder was a teen sensation in cult hits and crowd favorites like the black comedy Heathers, and Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice and Edward Scissor-hands. She matured into roles in literary adaptations and historical dramas, and the Generation X touchstone Reality Bites.

The well-known narrative of her personal life is as compelling as her onscreen characters. The Goddaughter of acid guru Timothy Leary, Ryder grew up on a hippie commune without electricity. Exhaustion once forced the overworked and in demand star to drop out of the Godfather Part III (leaving her part to a universally panned Sophia Coppola.)

In the early 2000s Ryder’s career and life went off the rails. In a sad and bizarre incident that sparked courtroom drama and unleashed the railing cry Free Winona, Ryder was arrested after shoplifting thousands of dollars of merchandise from a department store. The intensely private and sensitive icon has since opened up about her struggles with anxiety and depression.

After a break from acting Ryder worked to rebuild her career. From small parts in Black Swan and Homefront, Ryder now stars as the mom in the Netflix hit Stranger Things. Ryder’s wide eyes and fist raising during a recent Screen Actors Guild awards went viral and launched a thousand memes.

Winona Ryder’s setback stalled, but didn’t finish her career. The nostalgia, goodwill, and admiration of generations of fans, as well as the strength of her work and dedication to her craft have helped put Ryder in the spotlight and back on the map.

Everyone has a misstep, or finds themselves in need of a break, a fresh start, or the courage to rebuild. Here are 10 quotations from Winona Ryder to give us encouragement when we need to accept and make peace with our past and start over.

10 Inspirational Winona Ryder Quotes


“Crazy isn’t being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me, amplified.” – Winona Ryder


“I’ve learned that it’s OK to be flawed, that life can be messy, that some days you glide and some days you fall, but most important, that there are no secret answers out there.” – Winona Ryder


“I am not a person who can really sit around and think about regrets because with every bad experience that you have, there is weirdly something good that comes from it.” – Winona Ryder


“I love books and going to bookstores. My favorite sound is the sound of the needle hitting the record.” – Winona Ryder


“The older you get, the more yourself you can be and the less worried you are about what other people think.” – Winona Ryder


“When you finally accept that it’s OK not to have answers and it’s OK not to be perfect, you realize that feeling confused is a normal part of what it is to be a human being.” – Winona Ryder


“I love my job. But all the stuff that comes with it, the thought of being propelled into the limelight again is not something I sit around and fantasize about, certainly. I’d much rather just do my work, and then go home and read my books and watch movies.” – Winona Ryder


“Money doesn’t matter on a deeply personal level. It doesn’t make you feel any happier. But of course I am very aware that I don’t have to worry about earning a living or about those very important practical things that most people have to worry about on a very real level.” – Winona Ryder


“I was inspired by lots of people, certainly in acting and in writing and stuff, but I never wanted to be somebody else.” – Winona Ryder


“I’m the type who’d rather not work than work on something I’m not into. I’ve done that a couple of times, and I feel like I can totally see it in my performance.” – Winona Ryder

Bonus Winona Ryder Quote:

“As an actress, you want to try new things. You don’t want to repeat yourself. That becomes more important to you, as you get older.” – Winona Ryder

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