Manny Pacquiao

Born: December 17, 1978, Philippines | Successful For: Boxer| Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Manny Pacquiap success profile

“Anyone will succeed in whatever field of endeavor in life by acquiring the same virtues and character that boxing world champions do — dedication, perseverance, courage, extreme self-discipline and prayers”

– Manny Pacquiao

Inner Keys to Success:

  • FOLLOW YOUR AMBITION, REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES: While young Pacquiao was growing up, his father eloped leaving him and his mother a difficult life to deal with since they were already living in poverty. Manny Pacquiao was daring and ambitious enough to eventually leave home for a better future regardless of the fact his mother was against his dream to become a boxer and couldn’t see the vision he had. A very driven Manny would juggle his work duties of fighting in matches, doing janitorial work, and training people as he would even send the minimal income back to his mother. At first he fought for money, however his passion for boxing grew stronger which gave him the confidence to go for a more successful life.
  • EXPECT THE BEST: Although he won his first 11 matches, after losing a match, he began to have doubts about boxing. Manny Pacquiao was so dedicated to being the best boxer that a single loss would scare him; he didn’t want to EVER lose. Rather than becoming discouraged and giving up, he rose to the challenge and came back that much more driven, and as a result he used it as a motivating factor, rather than a reason to quit. Successful people fear mediocrity.
  • DETERMINATION CONQUERS ALL: Pacquiao was at one point arguably the best pound for pound boxer in the world due his never ending determination. He would help his mother sell bread to make money, and would often go around town to fight without his mother’s consent to earn small amounts of change. Soon enough, Pacquiao’s skill for the sport was easily recognized because he would seldom lose a match. His dedicated lifestyle gave him that extra adrenaline needed to literally do whatever it took to achieve his dreams. Manny Pacquiao would stay late and come early to hone his skills in the gym to become one of the greats.

Manny Pacquiao motivation

“Life is meant to be a challenge, because challenges are what make you grow.”Manny Pacquiao

Inspiring Fact:

Alongside his boxing career, Manny Pacquiao, remarkably, is an actor and a singer. “Pac-Man” has acted in various films and has even released his own album called “Laban Nating Lahat Ito”. The album consists of classical tunes and collaborations with other singers. Successful people don’t stop, when they accomplish one goal, they focus on the next.



“All those who are around me are the bridge to my success, so they are all important.” – Manny Pacquiao


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