Victoria Beckham’s Rigorous Work Ethic Made Her A Successful Pop Star & Entrepreneur

“While everybody was laughing at me, I was laying foundation to my fashion empire.” – Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Proves Herself Beyond Being Famous for Being Famous  

As an ex-Spice-Girl and a faithful wife of one of the world’s highest-paid athletes, the singer-turned-designer, Victoria Beckham, initially was seen much more for her fame than the quality of her products. At the beginning when she started off her fashion career, Beckham considered herself as “a laughing stock in the fashion world.”

However, as she demonstrated her genuine passion for the industry, the ex-singer has impressed the world beyond expectation that she does not sell her products for her name but rather for her “110% work ethic!”

When she was first invited designer jeans for women, “her passion was evident,” says Sarah Bailey, a reporter who has interviewed her several times. Bailey reveals, “She had recruited a young woman from her local hairdressers to be her fit model. She was obsessively fitting the denim on this woman. It was notable how keen she was to get this right, and her seriousness.”

The entrepreneur has also stated that she doesn’t prefer to use her fame to sell. She reveals, “I like to keep my head down, work hard, focus on what I’m doing business-wise,”. She explains, “I didn’t go into this to prove anything to anybody other than myself.”

Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Allow her “unlikable” Appearance Stop Her:

Apart from being criticized for her excessive media exposure, Beckham’s facial expression also caused her a likeability problem. As she reportedly never smiled in public, her well-known poker face often made her misunderstood as being cocky, overconfident or even intimidating. When being asked, her least-favorite question, “Why don’t you smile?”, the fashion designer explains,  “I don’t want to be seen smiling, having fun or eating.”

Nonetheless, the anxious-looking entrepreneur has harvested her success to win people over in time as the public has discovered that what lies beneath her unflattering cold face is a heart filled with zeal for her clothing lines as well as studious care for her family.

With her very tight schedule working as a mother and a businesswoman at the same time, Beckham reveals that she barely got any rest at all. “I don’t ever watch TV. After dinner I’ll catch up with emails. And when I’m lying in bed I think about the next collection. That makes me sound insane, doesn’t it? That I’m getting into bed with David Beckham and thinking about clothes”.

Despite her exhausting heavy workload, she expresses her gratitude for having a busy schedule. She confesses in an interview, “I have a lot on my plate. I’m not going to lie about it, I’m really tired – but I’m also very happy with my life.”

Not only to become a successful designer, the mother of four works sedulously also to be seen as a role model for her children. From her conscientiousness about her work and family, Beckham wants her children to learn to have “a good work ethic” and realize that “You can achieve anything if you work hard enough.”

Victoria Beckham Lets No One Define Her Career but Her Hard Work

Transformed from an entertainer into an entrepreneur, Beckham’s ardent passion and painstaking persona have helped her to gain the credibility and respect not only as a designer and a brand ambassador, but also as a loyal wife and a loving mother of four lovely children.

Her hard work ethic has been notable, even in the eyes of some of the most demanding and biggest fashion icons in the industry. When Marc Jacobs was asked about the entrepreneur and her collections, he says, “She is someone who has always wanted to design clothes. She knows the body, she loves it and she’s working her ass off.”

Even the hard-to-please creative director of Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, has openly expressed his appreciation for the full-time mother and designer. Lagerfeld once told a reporter, “She sold 80m records, she has a stunning husband and beautiful children, and she has had real success in her career as a designer. So who does better? And she’s very sweet and very funny. She can look cold, but she is not, she’s cheerful. I love Victoria Beckham.”

Victoria Beckham, “Posh Spice”, who went from dancing and singing in a girl band, now has taken her work ethic and applied it to her company by making it an internationally respected fashion brand that has reported to reach over $50 million in 2017. Topping the chart of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs in 2014, Beckham has definitely succeeded to prove all her haters wrong by achieving a triumph in developing her empire of fashion through her pure hard work.