Benedict Cumberbatch: A Man With Many Important Faces

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (top 10 quotes) is quickly becoming one of the most iconic people, let alone actors of the century. He was born into a family of actors; both his mother and father were actors. Cumberbatch studied at the University of Manchester and continued his studies at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, earning his Masters degree.

Cumberbatch starred in a number of successful movies and television shows, namely BBC’s Sherlock. Cumberbatch starred as the infamous Sherlock Holmes, and made light of the character. Over the years, Sherlock Holmes has been given many iconic images from the different actors that had the opportunity to portray the character in different interpretations of the popular story. Despite the countless different interpretations of Sherlock Holmes, Cumberbatch manages to give a modern twist to the classic tales, adding his own flare to Holmes, and the entire Sherlock Holmes universe.

Cumberbatch was able to successfully bring to light a socially unaware yet extremely intelligent Sherlock Holmes; this version of Sherlock Holmes is quite inspiring to most. Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes is portrayed as a non-social, extremely intellectual individual. He is unaware of most (if not all) social queues, and does not at all feel embarrassed with himself. He is entranced with the mystery that his laid out before him. Cumberbatch brings a kind of Asperger’s-like character to his version of Sherlock Holmes, showing the charm of a confident person who is not at all embarrassed about his lack of social knowledge.

Cumberbatch also participates in a number of different charities and social organizations. In November of 2015, Cumberbatch was awarded the title “Command of the Order the British Empire” by the Queen herself for relentless efforts to help the Syrian refugees, both with money and awareness. He has appeared in a number of videos in order to help the victims of the Syrian War. Cumberbatch is not only an actor, but caring, loving human who uses his popularity to help others. His vast platform is only ever used to help others in need, never to hinder or tear down others. This is what the world should be as: people should help those, offer a helping hand to help people rise rather than one that works to lower others down.

This is why most people find Cumberbatch so inspirational; he was able to build a successful career out of his passion: acting. Rather than falling victim to the massive popularity that becoming an actor entails, he did not let the fame get into his head. Rather than swelling his ego, his fame is used to help others. He remains humble, and continues to do what he loves to do: act and help others.

He channels the struggles that he has seen others endure and uses it to bring light to the characters that he is enacting. Cumberbatch never ridicules or mocks the characters he plays; instead he brings to light the issues and injustices that the characters may have suffered, and shows the audience just exactly how hard it is to be this certain person. Cumberbatch certainly does this with the main character in infamous movie “The Imitation Game”.

Cumberbatch brought to light the abuse gay males suffered in “The Imitation Game” with his character, Alan Turing. At the ending of the movie, Turing is found out to be a homosexual by the authorities. Since the discovery, authorities and others had been testing on him, using Turing as a lab rat, abusing him with various cruel treatments and medicines, trying to “reverse the effects” of being gay. Being a homosexual was seen as a disease, it was a condition that had to be cured. In the movie, Turing was subjected to different cruel treatments such as chemical castration, electroshock therapy and other torturous treatments had left Turing in a shaky, unstable state. He was no longer the quick, witty character he was, but now someone who was in constant pain, both mentally and physically.  This inspired Cumberbatch to talk a little about his own journey.

Cumberbatch has implied about his exploration with his own body at the boarding school that he had attended; he states: “It was just boys and their penises, the same way with girls and vaginas and boobs. It wasn’t out of desire.” In saying this, Cumberbatch continues to normalize the exploration of bodies when one first really discovers it. Everyone explores because everyone is curious; it is normal and should not be stigmatized as much as it is. Cumberbatch works to not only eliminate any taboo that surrounds the stigma of physical self-exploration with his characters, but to help others in need with his platform.