10 Brooks Koepka Quotes: From Underdog To US Open Champ

Brooks Koepka is an American pro golfer (PGA Tour) who took his unnoticeable stature to becoming the US Open champion on June 18, 2017. He was ranked decently within the top 25, however he was no where near being predicted to win this major tournament. Brooks Koepka, was perhaps less known, because he chose to take a different path, by starting out playing in Europe. He also has admitted that baseball was his first choice and that golf kind of snuck in there for him.

Brooks Koepka received a motivational phone call from last years No1 golfer Dustin Johnson, the night before the tournament who told him “Take one shot at a time, just to stay patient. It was a case of ‘just keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to win the thing. Just don’t get ahead of yourself’.

“Because we played a Tuesday practice round together, he watched me play. I thought I played pretty solid on Tuesday. He said he was pulling for me and just hang in there. That it would happen. I felt like that has been the thing lately with me, why I haven’t really played that well – I’ve been trying to win so badly. I felt like I underachieved. And the more patient that I can become, the more times I’ll put myself in this situation.”

Koepka claimed his first bigtime championship by winning the 2017 US Open, which he also took some records along with. The underdog came out triumphant and showed the world that with a winning mindset from the inside out, you don’t need anyone on your side but your own self. Let’s dive in on some of the major opinions, self belief and wise words that Brooks Koepka has ever said and align it for ourselves as fuel to our own worlds:

10 Inspiring Brooks Koepka Quotes:


“Any time you can win, it’s special, and if you’re going back to those places, it’s cool, you’re kind of reliving some of the shots you hit, and obviously you get a lot of positive memories.” – Brooks Koepka


“It’s not bad enough that I can’t play, but it’s not good enough to be 100 percent.” – Brooks Koepka


“I think I’ve changed a lot since then, i was chasing, trying to get my tour card out here, and there’s a big difference where I am mentally and where my game was at and where I it is now. The confidence level last year, I was a bit of a hothead. I only had seven spots to really get my card over here, so every shot everything it was super important for me.” – Brooks Koepka


“It was part of the plan, did I see that three years ago? Probably not. But I’m very happy.” – Brooks Koepka


“I don’t get too nervous. I don’t really think too far ahead, usually. And to be honest with you, this week I don’t think I ever got nervous, not at one point. I just stayed in the moment. I thought that if I thought ahead, if I strayed from the gameplan at all, that’s where things were going to go wayward and sideways. You start thinking ahead. You start thinking about having the trophy or start thinking about other things. You’re here to play golf. You’ve got 18 holes, just gut it out for that long and then you can celebrate.” – Brooks Koepka


In 2015 He Admitted To Golf Digest That He Was Not That Passionate:

“To be honest, I’m not a big golf nerd. Golf is kind of boring, not much action. I come from a baseball family, and it’s in my blood.” – Brooks Koepka


“I feel like I was playing some of the best golf I’ve ever played.” – Brooks Koepka


“It really was the putt – the par save on 13. I think that built some confidence. It was one of those things where I need to do – on 10 I just hit a poor putt, not enough speed. And 11 the same thing. Just trying to be aggressive and hit the back of the hole. When that happened it did give me a lot of confidence. So I think that was kind of the changing point of the round for me.” – Brooks Koepka


“I just felt like I should be winning more, I don’t know why. It’s one of those things, not a big fan of losing, I don’t think anyone out here is. And I just couldn’t stand the fact that I’d won only once.” – Brooks Koepka


On tying Rory McIlroy’s U.S. Open record 16-under total:

“I think it’s really cool. It hasn’t sunk in, obviously, yet, and probably won’t for a few days. That’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced and to do it on Father’s Day it’s pretty neat. I didn’t exactly get my dad a card, so this works.” – Brooks Koepka

Bonus Brooks Koepka Quote:

“I know that inside myself I feel fine and I can get into contention in these events again. Whether I play well or not in that situation next time, that’s a different story but I feel fine.”