Top 10 Sienna Miller Quotes About Trusting Instincts, Living YOUR Dream And Being Creative

Sienna Miller is a British Actress, model and fashion designer who understands that passion can be an unlimited and an ever changing journey. Growing up in a privileged household with an investment banker as a father and a mother who modeled and was a personal assistant of David Bowie, Sienna Miller was nourished to pursue her curiosities from a very early age. This enabled her to not only explore, but to eventually find something that tugged her at the heart. The diversified star grew up playing lacrosse, riding horses and acting by the age of 8. Sienna Miller gravitated towards the performing arts.

Upon graduation, she eloped to New York City and enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Soon after, she began traveling, modelling, and also began her pursue within theater along with taking small roles in films. Many don’t know, but Sienna Miller also has a well credited career in the Theater alongside her decorated film and television career.

She also fell in love with the modelling side of things and became a photographic model for Coca Cola and Pepe Jeans taking up her own authentic style of fashion which was a unique twist of Hippie and Bohemian wear. This venture allowed her to unravel a new desire of designing clothes and she earned the opportunity to begin a subsidiary brand within the scope of Pepe jeans called Twenty8Twelve. This gave her experience and knowledge. Sienna Miller, from early on, found the powerful gift of flowing with her curiosity and passion and became limitless in the continuous pursue of it.

Following her successful career, she grew a stronger purpose behind her work and began contributing to several organizations she believed in, including speaking at A Concert for Diana which raised money for her charities. Sienna Miller became the Global Ambassador for International Medical Corps which found her traveling with them to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and then Haiti which she kept a blog about her experiences.

10 Inspiring Sienna Miller Quotes:


“I’m living my dream, and that’s all you can ask for. At a certain point you have to ignore all the rest.” – Sienna Miller


“I’ve always kind of done exactly what my instincts said.” – Sienna Miller


“As I get older I’m more and more comfortable being alone.” – Sienna Miller


“People on the edge of love go with their heart and not their head.” – Sienna Miller


“My parents were quite liberal with us, always encouraging us to be our own person and be creative.” – Sienna Miller


“The big thing I’ve discovered, the big secret, is that it’s all about how happy you are. It’s the ultimate thing. People forget your flaws and imperfections if they see you’re happy.” – Sienna Miller


“I’ve wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember, and I can say I was almost born in the theatre. My mum went into labour while she was watching the Nut-Cracker Suite in New York – apparently I was kicking like mad.” – Sienna Miller


“I just want to creatively grow and be inspired. I don’t want to do anything generic or dumb.” – Sienna Miller


“I just want to work, and learn from people I respect and admire.” – Sienna Miller


“When you have your heart broken for the first time, you gain depth.” – Sienna Miller