‘Practice Makes Perfect’ Are Words To Live By To Attract Success Like Calvin Harris Did

Scottish born Adam Richard Wiles, known commonly by his stage name as Calvin Harris is one of the worlds most successful DJs, record producers and songwriters.  Discovered on MySpace back in 2006, he is known for producing many popular tunes – an example: ‘We Found Love’ sung by Rhianna, which had made number one on the billboard charts. Calvin has been on the up and up ever since!

What makes Calvin create and sustain his success? He is a master at producing catchy tunes. As a result, he developed a knack for knowing what people would want to listen to:

‘…Harris helps himself massively by making nearly all his tracks insanely catchy, with nearly all of his songs containing hooks that embed themselves so deep you can’t help but keep humming them for days on end.’(femalfirst.co.uk)

As trite as it may seem, much of Calvin’s success can be broken down to the plain old adage ‘practice makes perfect’.  He spent long days practicing and creating tunes in his bedroom while growing up in Scotland ‘…pop music comes naturally to me, it’s what I do every day’.

Something noteworthy about Calvin is his ability to cut through and be honest about what the masses want when it comes to music, which helps him to capitalize and make music people will enjoy;

‘Even if you have a big tune, live crowds can get sick of it.  It’s not just about the song but also the staying power and if people have connected with it in a certain way.  I know that the tracks I put more emotion and depth into are the ones that have the staying power in clubs’. (Calvin Harris)

Calvin is also aware of how dynamics in music have changed and has taken advantage of this with his ‘relentless single release schedule’.

You can get a feel for Calvin’s no B.S. success secrets when you reflect on his quotes:


“I want to be the number one songwriter-producer guy of all time.” – Calvin Harris


“I’d been sending out demos and CDs for years. I knew my stuff was good enough, but I was getting nowhere.  Then, three people – my future manager and two publishers – happened to send one of my tracks to EMI publishing in the same week.  All of a sudden, they were interested!” – Calvin Harris


“I trade musical favours like cattle. I can’t remember the last time I did a remix for actual money.  For me, I try and get a good swap.” – Calvin Harris


“There are a lot of mindless moments in my tunes.” – Calvin Harris


“I’ve gone out of my way to not work with anyone I don’t like.”- Calvin Harris


“I try and sit on the fence because as soon as you voice any kind of opinion, people begin to think you’re an idiot.” – Calvin Harris


“I know how to treat my voice to make it sound as good as it possibly can – which is still not that good.” – Calvin Harris


“I’m not good at interviews. I’m not good at dancing.  I’m not good at looking like I’m having fun.  I never will be, I don’t think.  Unless I go to a life coach.” – Calvin Harris


“It’s all about where you’re going, no matter where you’ve been.” – Calvin Harris


“If you think back to CDs, it was the experience of buying the album and getting the artwork and reading the credits. Now it’s all just files and everything is all over the Internet within the first hour of things being finished…Kids that just download, they are looking for that connection with the artist and that excitement is now coming from the live show.” – Calvin Harris

Author: Alessandra Aversa

Alessandra Aversa has recently re-kindled her love and passion for writing following the birth of her son in 2016. She is currently building up her writing profile. If you would like to contact Alessandra, her email is: alessandra_aversa@hotmail.com