From Barista To Singer: Christina Perri Applied Sheer Determination To Her Life

Christina Judith Perri is a singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, but originally Pennsylvania. She moved out to LA to pursue her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. Perri “moved out with one big suitcase, [her] guitar and one big dream”. Her journey is extremely inspiring for anyone struggling out there, or anyone trying to capture their grandest visions. Hard work and perseverance is what landed Perri her career as a singer-songwriter.

On June 30th 2010, Perri’s life had changed forever.. Her song “Jar of Hearts” aired on the extremely popular television show, “So You Think You Can Dance”. It was just a demo at the time, but it was enough to win the hearts of the producers, the dancers, and countless others who downloaded the song right after it aired on television. Perri often describes this experience as her “Cinderella Moment”. As of 8PM that night, Perri and her song began their existence on the iTunes charts. Her song climbed its’ mighty way to Number 6, and stayed there for a week; more than enough time for Perri to start her music career.

Perri would work as a barista/waitress during the day, and would write songs by night. “I figured out I’m a master waitress” she says to Whitney Cummings in an interview, “if you do something for more than 1500 hours or 15 000 hours or something crazy, you’re like a master?” “You’re officically an expert” Cummings interjects.  Perri finishes with words that would stun anyone: “I’m an expert waitress”. These words alone show the sheer dedication that Perri has had throughout her entire journey to make her dream a reality. She worked tirelessly on her songs, making them as great as they can be; and worked on her network building, making sure she was making herself as known as she could.

She had put up videos of her playing her original songs that she had written, and covers of songs that she had enjoyed. Although there were many times where she had wanted to throw in the towel, she never gave up for good. She worked hard for her success. Every hardship that she has endured, she learned to put herself back together and learned to use it to fuel her herself. Every heartbreak got turned into a song that would eventually be recorded and put up on YouTube or Twitter for people to see, waiting for any given opportunity.

Her popularity grew, but her ego did not. Perri has remained humble; something difficult to do in the music business. Singers often lose their head with all the praise and popularity, but Perri was determined to not let this happen. She remains the same as she was the day she began to “exist” as a singer-songwriter: a genuine and polite woman who always has a smile on her face and is truly grateful for her life and absolutely loves what she allowed herself to do for a living.

“Do what scares you, your dreams are there waiting for you.” – Christina Perri

Christina Perri is a huge inspiration as her actions remind us that with hard work and determination, anyone can live their dream; it will not be an easy journey, but it will be worthwhile. Perri’s charisma and humbleness makes her relatable and genuine, which has continued even after her success and fame. Nothing great ever comes easily; one must learn to overcome the bad times in order to reap the rewards. Perri learned to do more than just overcome the bad times: she learned to let the hard times propel her forward.

Author Bio: Leann Jeethan

Leann Jeethan is a recent English Literature graduate from Southern Ontario. She is a lover of all literature, and adores authors like Anthony Burguess, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. She spends most of her free time reading, writing and catching up on The Walking Dead.