Top 10 Most Inspiring 6lack Quotes To Push Past The Pain

6LACK (Ricardo Valdez Valentine) is an up and coming hip hop artist who earned himself a name with his hit single PRBLMS. His music is often a blend of R&B meshed with rap.

In his discovery days of finding his fit, 6LACK was more of a battle rapper who transferred schools often. He would challenge other MC’s in different schools around Atlanta, as he apparently only lost once. 6LACK claims he was never an angry or aggressive individual, but losing that battle enabled him to lose his cool as he gained a fair share of bruises and cuts after breaking into a fight with the victor. His passion and competitive mind frame was evident. This would not be the last time that adversity showed up in his life.

Shady deals, some messy breakups with exes, being homeless and sleeping on the streets to often not having a meal to eat. These unfortunate life event collectively made 6LACK realize he had to make it and push through the pain. Getting into an accident where the car flipped gave him an epiphany while in mid air, that he had so much more to give to the world and that he had to just hold on and brace the fall in order to survive and live out his dreams. The moment served it’s course and 6LACK would get his shot at destiny.

That brings us to his quotes, let’s dive in and take an inside view of the brain pickings of 6LACK’s mind and how his powerful perspective allowed for his deepest desires to manifest.

10 Inspiring 6LACK Quotes:


“I ain’t been through nothing special that nobody else hasn’t been through. I see something, and I’m just like, “Alright I can help here. I can do that. I can help uplift you. Build you.” – 6LACK


“It only takes like one crazy thing for me to be like, “I’m out of here. I’m not doing this.” Because, I pride myself on not dealing with crazy people. So, the minute something soap opera-like happens, where they just do something super dramatic, I just wake up like, “Yo, I gotta go.” Immediately, it’s like boom, something flips in my head and I’m just like, “I’m done.” And that’s pretty much it. I go back to music right after that.” – 6LACK


“I just didn’t care about how I looked to the world, or what I sounded like to the world. I just knew I was confident in what I had done, as far as being who I am and my music.” – 6LACK


“Not knowing where I was going to eat or not knowing where I was going to sleep didn’t matter as much as knowing I had a studio to record in everyday. I had some of my worst nights in those four or five years, but obviously it got me to where I am today, so I wouldn’t take it back or change it.” – 6LACK


“Sometimes I slept outside. I remember seeing somebody throw their food away and thinking, “I want to go and get that food. That might be my only shot at getting some real food tonight.” – 6LACK


“Sometimes I slept in the studio. Sometimes I would find somebody’s crib to stay at. Sometimes I slept outside.” – 6LACK


“I hate to say I knew it from the jump, but honestly, the night I recorded the song, I had a feeling about it.” – 6LACK


“I knew it was going to happen if I could just get through it.” – 6LACK


“That night I felt like I was at my highest potential, and I feel like that’s how you’re supposed to feel all the time.” – 6LACK


“I remember waking up in the middle of the car accident, right before we started flipping. I was saying to myself, ‘Not yet. I still have shit to do.’” – 6LACK

Bonus 6LACK Quotes:

“It’s always like another kick for me to make sure I get what I need to get done, because you honestly never know.” – 6LACK

“You’re supposed to always not give a shit what people think.” – 6LACK

“But I just never wanted to sugarcoat or not tell the truth just to make someone else look good. I have to tell it how it’s supposed to be told.” – 6LACK