Why You Have To Be Selfish To Be Successful

Gene Simmons Ego

“To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don’t isolate.” – Michael Jordan


Do you have to be selfish to be successful? The short answer, yes! but not the selfishness you’re thinking of. Not the kind of selfishness that makes people around you feel down and irritated, but being as selfish as you can be when it comes to feeling absolutely great, day in and day out. The world works in such a way that when you feel good, good things happen, so you need to learn to do whatever you can to reach your full potential regardless of what others think, say, or do.


Be Selfish When It Comes To Feeling Good

Only do the things that will make you feel good, and don’t settle for anything less, be selfish. You will meet the right people in your life when you’re feeling good, you’ll get good ideas for making more money when you feel good, and you are adding years to your life when you’re feeling good. So the next time someone asks you to do something, if it’s ultimately not going to make you feel good, don’t do it. You literally need to do everything throughout your day that will give you deep inner satisfaction. Take this quote by Gene Simmons for example:


“The sad thing is most people have to check with someone before they do the things that make them happy. We’re all passing through; the least we can do is be happy, and the only way to do that is by being selfish.” – Gene Simmons


Sometimes doing a certain activity may not be fun, but you know it will give you a sense of accomplishment and make you feel good in the long run such as practicing day in and day out for that sports tournament you have coming up. These are the things that you want to do in your life; these things will get you places. Don’t wander around aimlessly hoping for good things to happen, be selfish and do what makes you feel good.


Don’t Go For Short-Term Satisfaction, Go For Long-Term Satisfaction

Don’t mistaken short-term emotions for long-term feelings because if you do, you will be doing a lot of damage other than good. Our emotions change daily, but our real feelings give us a sense of contentment. So don’t rely on things that give you short-term gratification like getting buzzed off of a 6-pack and think you’re on the right path to living your dream life. You need to go and do things that make you feel truly accomplished in the long-term, whether it’s going for a run by the beach every week, or going to social events where you get to meet new people. These types of things will change the way you feel, and not just your emotions. When you ride off emotion only, you won’t find true success because those emotions will come and go. Don’t get caught up in doing stuff that gives you temporary happiness because these things will keep you stagnate and will never take you places you want to truly go. It’s the cliché of love vs. lust but on a grander scale, do what you love, not what’s lustful.


Be Courageous & Confident in Your Decisions

If you want to achieve greatness in all areas of life, you need to learn to say “no” when you’re not going to feel good doing something, because you don’t want to do it. This is where courage and confidence come in; most successful people are bold enough to do what they want, not what others think they want. You need to have the ability to stand up for what you believe in, and what you know will make you happy in your life. Many people live someone else’s life because they are not selfish enough to go for what they want, and guess what, most of these people end up going through a mid-life crisis years later. If you want your life to be absolutely blissful, you need to have the confidence to go for what you want, regardless of how others think or feel towards your dreams. People who enjoy life to the fullest have the confidence and courage to do what they want because they know what makes them happy, regardless of others, even if those others “mean well”.

Be extremely selfish when it comes to doing things that will make you feel good because life is short, and you want to leave this planet with memories of positive, good times, not negative ones. My promise to you is that good things will start to happen in your life when you go throughout your days finding ways to feel good.