What We Really Need To Know About Planning, Preparing, And Expecting To Win

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” – Zig Ziglar

If we were indeed born to win, does someone else have to lose? Or, is it truly possible to create win/win opportunities in business and competition? To answer the question effectively, we must examine our own beliefs around winning and losing.

The answer to the question actually lies in our perception of the question and our actual beliefs about the act of winning and losing. If we currently believe someone must lose for another to win, then that belief will guide our behavior. However, if we believe it is possible for two or more to win, then winning takes on a new meaning with that belief.

Now what about planning, preparing, and expecting to win? This is where we need to be really honest with ourselves and ask the hard questions. Once again, this is where we need to examine our beliefs about planning, preparing, and expectations. Both our beliefs and our past experience with each of these elements determines our actions.

What we do or don’t do is usually based on what we believe to be true, whether it’s the actual truth or not. If in the past, planning and preparing was either unpleasant or perceived to bring minimal benefit, then we have a tendency to discount the value of the process. The reverse can also hold true.

Some may have found planning and preparing to have reaped tremendous benefit and

therefore readily engage in the process. Beliefs are powerful and not to be discounted lightly. This also holds true when it comes to expecting to win.

We must ask ourselves and answer honestly, when faced with a really difficult challenge or obstacle, do we expect to win? Or, do we start to consider some of the reasons it might be too difficult, too hard, or too far of a stretch? Our answers to these questions can be very telling about both what we BELIEVE, and what we THINK, about what’s POSSIBLE!

Author Bio: Bobby Kountz

Bobby‘s a Quote Enthusiast, an Intrapreneur, and an Aspiring Entrepreneur with a Uniquely Positive Perspective on Life. He’s a Writer and Aspiring Author and Inspirational Speaker, a Dedicated Volunteer, and Socially Conscious Change Maker. He can be found on Twitter @bobby_kountz or on anchor.fm/bobby-kountz