Fergie: A Passion That Kept Reigniting With Each Setback And Failure

Stacy Ann Ferguson, to be known later in her career as Fergie, started her passion at a young age and continued with it until her love for music fulfilled all of her dreams. Beginning at just 6 years old, traveling with a small group of other children and singing in assorted malls, she managed to brag a start to her future. From there she only continued growing herself and her popularity. Eleven years after her initial debut with her album The Dutchess, she came back out on September 22 with a whole new album Double Dutchess. A few bumps hit her along the way, including two years of her life spent on a meth addiction which could have ruined her life, but she didn’t let any of them stop her from following her passion and reaching the stars she craved to sit among. Keeping her goals in sight and contusing to chase after her passion the Dutchess was able to produce brand new album, and build entire empire being built along the way.

“My mom would have to quiet me down in church.” Growing up it was clear to all what Stacy Ferguson’s loves in life were. Ladies nights with her mother were often spent at musicals or concerts, where Fergie was able to first witness the life she dreamed to achieve. With help from her mother she was able to begin her career as a child, allowing her incredible talents to be realized early on. Preforming all across the country with a small group of other talented children, led by a professional who wanted to spread her passion to rising stars, she was able to get her first taste of her dream life; and it didn’t stop there.

From voice acting in Peanuts, to staring in a Disney Channel television show featuring other talented children, she continued to follow her passion on a climb towards the stars.

At eighteen she was already almost there. After outgrowing the Disney show which had taught her so much about proper technique and professional presentation, she was recruited into a developing band: the Wild Orchid. Admittedly their style was not quite her taste, but she stuck to it in search of what she wanted so badly.

“Having confidence is so important, because how you see yourself, is how others will see you too.” – Fergie

After an encounter with ecstasy and methamphetamine lasting for a couple years, she left Wild Orchid and sought rehabilitation. Despite forcing herself to remain in a group which burnt her out and brought on the narcotics use, she never regretted any part of her search for her passion. For, not long after kicking her addiction to the curb, she received a call from will.i.am himself.

Happening to meet the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas in the previous year at a radio broadcast lead to the opportunity of a lifetime when the band began searching for a backup singer for their song Shut Up. Taking the undeniable opportunity, Ferguson answered the call and showed up at the studio.

The group fell in love with her immediately, adoring the passion and energy she put into her songs. She almost immediately became a part of their music, often spending time in the studio to be available if ever needed her for additional backup. From there she was able to develop a relationship with the band until 2002 when they first invited her to join them live in Australia, an invitation she could not turn down. She traveled out with the group, and managed to make quite the mark; though not in the way she had hoped. Excitement took over her, leading to Fergie forgetting to make a stop at the bathroom before going on stage and ending with an embarrassing mistake of wetting herself on stage.

Many, if not most people, likely would have taken the shame and hidden from the exploding popularity. Fergie, though, took the publicity and turned it to benefit herself. Rather than allowing her career to be ruined she made an appearance on stage where she poured champagne over her pants in a similar fashion to the incident that had caused her name to spread. Shortly after, it was announced she was an official part of the Black Eyed Peas.

Fergie had reached her dream of the rock star lifestyle, traveling and performing on stage, but she did not stop there. Even while preforming with the Black Eyed Peas she continued working on her own solo career, never willing to settle or accept enough. After decades of working for her passion, and eleven years since her first album she has come out with a brand new album featuring a new style which is certain to be the beginning of something beautiful.

There was absolutely no stop to the passion which took her so far. From television, to a small band, to joining the group which would be her official claim to real fame, she never accepted the end. Fergie continued to seek her passion and strive for more through the music she loves. No stop on her search for her dream was enough to keep her from progressing, and reaching higher. This persistence to follow her passion where it took her, and in refusing to stop, she was able to surpass the goals she had once set for herself.

Author Bio: Yesenia Klassen

Yesenia is a passionate writer and entrepreneur from a small town in Ontario. An aspiring author and a dedicated researcher, Yesenia inserts all available, measurable time into projects. Currently she is hard at work on a novel while keeping up with freelance work, side projects, and daily work as well. Though, writing does not encase all her valuable interests; a deep desire to continue learning and expanding writing skills has taken a path through many topics from ancient history to modern psychology. For more, or to contact Yesenia, you can reach her at: yesenia.klas@gmail.com