The Importance Of Understanding That Most RULES Are Not Really Rules, But Illusions

“Outside of physics and the rule of law, all other rules are illusions that we’ve chosen to believe. Smash the ones that no longer serve you.”  – Vishen Lakhiani (Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Mindvalley)

Vishen Lakhiani, for those of you unfamiliar with who he is and what he is passionate about, is a socially conscious change-maker with a Mission to completely transform education as we currently know and understand it.

He is also what I would consider a true visionary, a “Philosopreneur” a true combination of part Philosopher, part Entrepreneur.

Passions: Creativity, education, history, bending reality, spirituality, consciousness expansion, connectedness, gratitude, unity, human transformation, and many, many more, including passion. Yes, Vishen is extremely passionate about passion!

Purpose: To utilize digital education platforms to provide access to transformational knowledge that empowers people to expand their boundaries, unleash potential, and lead extraordinary lives.

How did this man discover his purpose and his life’s work you might ask? After finishing an Engineering Degree and landing a position at Microsoft, he got himself fired “on purpose” so he could “find” himself. In 2003, he founded Mindvalley after realizing “self” education was the KEY to Everything…

“We are ambitiously determined to push humanity forward by empowering our audience to live healthier and happier lives, to unleash their fullest potential – to be extraordinary. How? Nelson Mandela affirmed it: with the most powerful tool of all – education.”

Mission: “We want to change education globally and provide innovative, holistic education for all levels – from infant learning and highschool models to all stages of adulthood. Our ultimate goal? To launch a school of growth and humanity for a billion people.”

The Mind Valley Culture: “Our unique company culture that makes Mindvalley one of the top private companies to work for today; it fuels our growth and accelerates our productivity. As a business that also focuses on employee growth and happiness, we inspire our team to be creative, productive, innovative, and most importantly – feel really valued as employees. Our founder, Vishen Lakhiani, explains the science of hacking and transforming work culture in his keynote at the 925 Festival of Work in Helsinki, Finland.”

Ideas presented by Vishen in multiple digital formats landed him one of the biggest book deals of 2016: Code Of The Extraordinary Mind. The material, his radical ideas, and the content he was creating, put Vishen on stage with some of the best speakers in the industry, including the Dalai Lama where he won the best speaker. Vishen, against all odds, found a way to turn $700 into a $100 million dollar business consisting of Afest, Mindvalley Academy, Zenward and more.

Vishen has been investigating the concept of Bending Reality for over 25 years, studying history’s most extraordinary individuals and experimenting with many forms of consciousness expansion. And with his engineer’s mind, he believes he’s codified the system to be so simple that anyone can now apply this framework to their life and see results.”

The above paragraph describes one of the premier programs available at Mindvalley Academy created by Vishen to empower growth and change. BECOMING LIMITLESS is a true Transformational Program designed to move its participants into a higher level of consciousness.

Vishen discovered the majority of rules in life aren’t really rules at all, but constructs created by other people that we have some how fallen in line with. The rules that are not the rules of either Law or Physics are actually just illusions that we’ve “chosen” to believe.

How do we “choose” to believe something? When we accept something as the truth without knowing for sure it is, we are making a choice to believe whatever it is we are either being told, or taught about the belief.

Philosophy teaches us to question everything. One of the places we can all start is with our own internal belief systems. Since what we believe has more to do with both our happiness and our personal success than anything else, it might just be in our best interest to gain a full understanding of how we have come to believe what we currently do.

Once we know where we are in our belief systems, then we can either accept or challenge our beliefs, particularly any limiting beliefs we might have. And then, suddenly, we might just find ourselves doing, being, or becoming whatever we decide, whatever we believe we are capable of…

One of the most compelling and profound interviews I have ever seen was captured when Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory invited Vishen onto his show to discuss according to Tom’s Introduction anyway, the “Culturescape” and why it’s so important to understand “Brules” or Bullshit Rules, and then in the interview, Tom asked Vishen to explain why he thinks the current paradigm of goal setting is all wrong.

In order to understand what Vishen is expressing, we must first understand what he means by the “CULTURESCAPE.” The idea or definition of the culturescape according to his book (The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind), is the world of mental ideas, constructs, concepts, models, myths, patterns and rules that we’ve developed and passed from generation to generation–sometimes for thousands of years. The world of the culturescape is opinion-based and agreement-based and not necessarily based in fact.

He went on to explain how he believes the idea of goal setting in the western world is “Rubbish.” He further explained in full detail why. He describes how most goal setting is done “So” the next step can be reached. The goals are “Means” goals not “Ends” goals. The goals aren’t coming from inside us, they are coming from the “culturescape.”

Vishen suggests that instead of setting traditional goals we ask ourselves the “Three Most Important Questions” about how we want to live. Here is my interpretation of the three questions:

ONE: What experiences do I want to have?

TWO: How do I want to grow?

THREE: How can I give back to the world?

So the categories as I understand them would read across the top of the page as follows: EXPERIENCES, GROWTH, and GIVING BACK. Our charge from Vishen is to identify the activities that will support the development of the person we would most like to become, based on the experiences we most want to have, to grow the way we most want to change, to give back to society what we most want to bring into existence…

I recommend watching the video at least twice, first to just take in the information and then next to develop your own personal plan as to how to apply what you learn into your own life using “GROWTH” as a tool to measure your progress.

When asked about what “IMPACT” he wants to have on the world? Vishen replied he wants to create human unity and human transformation through learning to “unleash” the power within. Teaching people to understand; everything we need already exists within us, we just need to discover how to access it on demand, so we can craft and create the best lives we can.

Vishen Lakhiani is a man no different than any other man except for one thing. He is a man who had the courage to question everything and he is now teaching others what he has learned while on his quest to question everything. He is teaching the concept that instead of being ordinary, choose to be extraordinary by connecting to everything that is already available to each of us and then finding a way to make that make sense individually.


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Author Bio: Bobby Kountz

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