Prince Ea – A Man With Authentic Passion & Soul Purpose

Prince Ea is a man with a soul purpose to dissolve societies labels and expand the minds and hearts of the people on Earth. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri[1], Richard Williams a.k.a. Prince Ea knew at a young age that his educators (who could not keep his attention in class) needed to learn how to teach in a more effective way in order to reach young minds. With this awareness Prince Ea first started to “wake up” to his purpose. Moving forward he started to expand his knowledge at the University of Missouri St. Louis and began studying anthropology. During his studies of anthropology he also learned about sociology, psychology and neurology, which allowed him to understand man and how the mind operated. With new realizations and understanding, Prince Ea learned how to effectively convey messages to the world of how a shift in perspective can create a ripple effect of change. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Missouri St. Louis with his BA in Anthropology, his education in and outside of University helped to shift and shape his perception of the world and the way people interact within it.

With all this new knowledge under his belt Prince Ea started to pursue a career in the music industry. This venture was initially fuelled by ambition and high hopes of gaining respect within the industry and fans a like. With his talent for communicating with people, he began selling out shows and gaining fame. He started to look to other musicians – comparing him self to them and their success[2]. This began to cause him much more suffering and pain than he had anticipated. With the realization that this was not how he wanted to feel and live, he changed his course. Prince Ea is now on a path to connect the world with each other through the modern day lens of universal love.

Prince Ea found his passion for what he does today through the realization that life’s too short not to create content that feels true to his purpose. He was influenced by texts such as the Baghavad Gita and Tao te Ching – the insight these texts gave him as well as his own reflection set a foundation for the messages he portrays today. His message encompasses various aspects of inspiration, freeing people from their own limitations that they have created in their minds and helping to cultivate awareness surrounding the environment, culture, and creativity. By speaking to people on how to empower themselves through their own interests and passions in his movements, such as Make “Smart” Cool[3] – Prince Ea has helped to shed societies definition of success from being a musician selling out rap shows to shifting into an energy within himself of personal power and success by being true to his being.

Prince continues to expand his own potential from gaining knowledge to creating content – with videos such as “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” where he describes how twisted our perceptions of wealth are by tearing down trees for money. The trees that give us oxygen for the air we breathe, that clean our air and making “nature our credit card with no spending limit” [4].   He clarifies that instead of looking to the government to fix our problems or symbolically the “branches” of trees, we can instead look to the “root” source being ourselves to stimulate the change we need to heal the planet. The content Prince Ea produces reaches millions of people through creative and inspirational video content constructed in such a way that the viewers can both relate and realize that – each and every one of us can be the change we wish to see in the world. Prince Ea’s passion and purpose is clear – to open up the planet’s ears, eyes, hearts, & minds to the infinite possibilities of shifting into a more empowered state of being.

Author Bio: Tasha Konkin

Tasha Konkin is a young creative with a passion for holistic health. From teaching yoga, creating new plant-based recipes & experimenting with new experiences, she follows a path to healing through the connection of movement & alternative techniques. Visit her website at