Gratitude: The Backbone To Life Itself

gratitude backbone

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

It’s quite easy for our minds to quickly get into a rhythm of thinking about all the things wrong in our lives or what we wish we could have had. One negative thought begins to infect other thoughts, and before we know it, we’ve taken ourselves down a depressing road. With every problem comes a solution. The solution to depression and ultimately never being satisfied with what you have is the powerful tool called gratitude. Gratitude is the state of being thankful of all that exists in life. When you practice this regularly, you begin to have more enthusiasm and passion for life, which leads to living a fulfilling, happy lifestyle.


Are You Looking At What You Don’t Have As Opposed To What You Do Have?

You can either choose to put your concentration on what you do not have or shift your thought process to everything you DO HAVE. This has a huge impact on which direction your future will go. When you focus on what you wish you had and take what you already have for granted, you’ll constantly feel negative emotions such as jealousy, stinginess and overall defeat, and you will have many regrets as you fret around complaining about your poor life. This is an extremely negative mindset, and will never get you anywhere positive because you are focusing only on negative outcomes in almost everything you do, including the people you encounter. Have you ever noticed how successful people you’ve known rarely complain about much and are usually content with what they have? Now I know what your thinking “That’s because they don’t have anything to complain about?” But this is a RESULT of their appreciative mindset! Remember, most successful people have come from rough childhoods and upbringings or from extreme poverty, but they understood that if they were to ever get out of their current situations, they needed to be grateful for what they already had.


Soccer Legend Pele Understood the Importance of Gratitude!

Pele, who is often referred to as the greatest footballer to ever play the game, came from quiet humble beginnings. He was born in some of the worst living conditions of Brazil’s favelas. Did he complain about his surroundings? Of course not, he would never have become what he became had it been for the fact he was grateful for what he had. It wasn’t much, but when you read between the lines, there is always enough to make us feel good about even the smallest particles. Pele took the principle of gratitude to full throttle, he didn’t look at his odds or his challenges, instead he looked at what he had, some skills he could improve on and a ball, which in his case was a sock stuffed with a grapefruit. This optimistic attitude was the important ingredient necessary to make him one of the greatest to ever walk the field. Once he became a huge star he would always give back in appreciation for where he came from. After scoring his 1,000th goal, Pele would dedicate it to the poor kids in the slums of his home country, Brazil.

Small Or Big, Be Grateful For EVERYTHING You Have.

When you are in a state of gratitude, you are directing your attention to some very uplifting emotions of joy and happiness; you are in a positive vibe with all that exists around you. With even a little added gratitude in your life, you can start to understand and really become thankful for what you have. Get yourself to dissect and realize the positivity and warmth that surrounds you. After practicing gratitude on a regular you will even feel better about who you are, as you grow a healthier self image of yourself. You become content and happy with everything that resides in your life. This automatically attracts even more good things into your radius, whether it’s more uplifting people, more romance, better ideas, some finer things, better experiences and really when it comes down to it, much more success.

Some people will counter to this and say well I have had this and that happen to me therefore I don’t have much to be grateful for. This is where you have to really get in touch with what’s around you and what is operating in your life. At first it may seem hard, but you really have to look deeper. Let’s take freedom for example, we almost always take it for granted. Some people live through such refined environments where they have little or absolutely no say in anything. They are constantly worried for their kids and their families safety and most especially their own lives. Most of us have the freedom to say, do and act the way we choose and we rarely have to look over our shoulders for danger that lurks around. Next time, think about the freedom that exists in your world, try and be fortunate for it because the scripts could easily have been flipped.


“Develop an attitude of gratitude and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” – Brian Tracy


The Key Ingredient:

In order to become grateful, we need to obtain a positive mindset, and likewise to be positive we need to be grateful. They work hand in hand, like a snowball rolling down a hill, becoming stronger and faster with each roll. The more positive the more grateful! The amazing part is, if we just be grateful the positive attitude follows with it. How many times have you met someone who was grateful but had a negative mindset? Very few, if any at all. You see, it almost doesn’t make any sense to be appreciative but be pessimistic at the same time. Appreciation is a very big piece to the puzzle of a positive attitude, it requires gratitude! Positivity does not exist without it.

So let’s take an insight on how we can really change our thinking to a better outlook. For one, we have a mind and a brain to even be able to understand this, and the eyes to be reading this. People who practice gratitude appreciate the fact that they have a mind and a human body, shelter, food, freedom, relationships and special people such as loved ones, family and friends who are truly a gift to their lives. When we open our eyes to what we have, it becomes a real blessing, we realize we have countless opportunities to become anything we desire, but none of this is possible to even acknowledge unless we become grateful!


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