Joe Rogan : What Is Reality?

We’re not exactly sure what this fuzzy line between consciousness , unconsciousness , sleeping and dreaming , its all going on and on in one cycle , but we’re not exactly sure what part of it we’re playing all the time . We have to hit on things to be sure . I mean how many times have you had dreams where you’re like ,”oh its a DREAM ” . How do you know that knocking on things isn’t a fucking dream ? The whole idea that you can dream, the idea that you can imagine, the idea that there’s some mystical part of your brain that sees things that aren’t really there and puts them into position and gives you a little fucking cartoon … What the fuck is that?? We don’t know shit ! We know a lot , I mean we’re brilliant compared to cave men, but in comparison to understanding the very nature of the universe, you know subatomic particles. All fucking rules go out the window when you go subatomic. You know they have things where a particle can be in a super state or its in a state where its moving and its still at the same time . What the fuck does that even mean ? And the idea that you can look at something and as you’re looking at it, you change the behaviour of it. The observer actually changes the actual atoms that are moving! What the fuck, how is that even possible? We don’t know ….
So to say we know a lot, yeah we know a lot for people. But there’s some shit that we don’t understand at all. They don’t even know why the universe stays together, they don’t know why it doesn’t just fly apart.I’m thinking that this whole thing might be someone’s imagination. It might me your imagination, it might be my imagination, it might be a combination of everyone’s imagination. I mean things are real, there’s real laws to this life. But it god dammit operates like a work of fiction!

I’m not sure what this is and I don’t think you are either . I think you can pretend that you’re sure because it makes you feel better at night and you can pretend that everything you can’t hit with a hammer isn’t real and its just your imagination.

What the fuck is consciousness? What is this? What is life? What is this idea that “oh I’m gonna call Burt Kreischer and ask him to come over to my house”,and Burt somehow navigates through space and time and arrives at my doorstep. And us friends get to communicate and we’re talking into some fucking thing that takes all of our voice and all the shit we say and throws it through some internet, breaks it down to one’s and zero’s. Where its then interpreted by other people’s computers in real time! What the fuck is this?? Don’t tell me you know what this is, this is bazaarness.
If life wasn’t real it would be the craziest psychedelic trip EVER !!!!!!! What a real psychedelic trip is, is something your not use to, something that throws you off, but life its self is the most uber bazaar thing ever!

We don’t know that this universe that we exist in right now is the only universe . We don’t know whether or not there are infinite universes that exist side by side next to each other and its the human mind that guides you in one direction, from one point to another. And if they’re all parallel, they’re all co-existing in the same sphere. We don’t understand any of this stuff. They’re just now starting to think that inside every black hole, is another universe . Wrap your fucking head around that! This is a new theory among scientist, not people like me, but among scientist. They believe that inside every galaxy there’s a super massive black hole, and the newest theory is that inside every super massive black hole is another universe with hundreds of billions of galaxy’s, each with a black hole at the centre, each containing another universe!!!!!!!

“Life might be this one frame in a infinite movie that last forever…”

The imagination is the real force behind the evolution. What imagination truly is, we think of it as “oh I can see things, I can work around problem”, but when you imagine a idea, when you imagine a product, you imagine how to design an engine for a car . Your imagination has this idea for this thing and then you build it and design it and BOOM… Its there. That thought, there was no thought of that before it existed. There weren’t people running around thinking of the car. There was no thought of it, you created this or it came to you. There’s something from nothing, something from … from what is it, the ether? Maybe its just these synapses firing in your mind. What is the signal, where is the root of this signal?

It is possible that the imagination is something that is, information that is out there. The idea that there’s shit out there and what we are is little antennas. And when we tune into something, if we pick up this signal for the engine, and someone picked that up , excellent! Once that piece is in place, oh then it flowers and blossoms, like a Fibonacci sequence on a fucking sunflower. You know It all burst out expedencally in certain directions. Then that creates more inventions, which also burst out, but all of them emanate in the imagination initially. All of them have to be thought up. All of them have to be created by the human mind.Our whole collective idea of what the world is, is based on what we’ve experienced. Even photographs and things that we haven’t experienced, but we can see things that are in the galaxy and planets and shit.. We use these and we have this whole map of our universe. But that’s just what we see, right now. Its only limited to think outside of what we’ve all ready seen. The universe could be infinity fucking bazaarly complicated to the point where every different dimension has it’s own laws and rules and every different universe exist in the centre of every single black hole. That might all be real shit! It might be so infinite and crazy we maybe can’t see it.

What am I doing? I’m piloting this fucking flesh vehicle around some sort of dimension with other flesh vehicles. If I didn’t know what this was… If I came from no judgement what so ever, just a total natural point and I looked at just human behaviour moving around the planet, I would be like “This is the most psychedelic shit ever!!!” Just us, we’re like the craziest character in a fucking movie.

I think the imagination is something we’re not taking as seriously as we should be. I think your mind doesn’t just control things in a sense that you bring things out of the aether, you bring things out of your imagination. You bring them and manifest them in the real world. I think your mind actually has an effect on how things go in the real world.

If you believe in things, they have incredible power over you, both good and bad. Who’s to say that’s not real? There’s like the idea of the placebo effect where I give you a sugar pill and all of a sudden you feel better ’cause you thought I gave you medicine… Still you feel better.People have actually been cured of illness because of the placebo effect, so what the fuck is happening?There’s a direct collaboration between positive energy and positive results in physical form. They’re all connected.

I believe that the life that we’re in right now, this existence we all participate in, might just be a station on a radio dial, an infinite radio dial. You and I, we’re on the phone and we’re on 107.1 but there’s a 105.1 right down the dial where everyone’s fucking blue with big giant black eyes, and they all move through solid objects and they don’t need water and they don’t breathe air. There may be an infinite number of worlds all around us all the time…

“And life might be like a radio”           – Joe Rogan

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