Jon Bones Jones: Law Of Attraction

Jon Bones Jones Law of Attraction

“People who know what they want, the universe has a way for clearing a path for them. When you want something bad enough, it’s going to happen for you. You can almost manifest your own destiny by always focusing on it. Almost like the law of attraction. If you really know what you want, the chances of you finding it are so much more strong. It’s almost as if it will come fall right on your lap. I know that I want to be champion.” – Jon Bones Jones


If there’s any single reason why Jon Bones Jones is one of the best fighters in the world, it would have to be that he believes he’s the best pound for pound fighter. And he attracts all the success he certainly deserves. Jon Bones admits that he knows, understands and applies the law of attraction! His wise words serve as mere proof of why he became so great!


Checkout Jone Bones Jones Discussing The Law of Attraction In This Video


Image Source: “Jon “Bones” Jones & Glen “Big Baby” Davis” av ericdwheeler – Flickr: Jon “Bones” Jones & Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –