Rick Ross

Born: January 28, 1976, Mississippi, US | Successful For: Hip Hop Artist | Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Rick Ross Success

Inner Keys to Success:

  • ACT LIKE A ‘BOSS’ TO BECOME A ‘BOSS’ : Rick Ross is known to have some of the classiest hip hop lyrics in the game, and therefore tends to keep attracting that type of lifestyle. In fact, his whole record label is called “Maybach Music Group,” a car that’s a direct representation of success. Many of his songs, including Rich Forever, Triple Beam Dream, and Rich is Gangster to name a few, are all ways in which Rick Ross puts attention to the luxury lifestyle he wishes to live, and consequently it comes about. It’s a way of using creativity through music, to manifest dreams. What you affirm to yourself with high confidence, and belief leads you into accomplishing those things. Rick Ross constantly affirms to himself “I’m a boss” and is therefore seen as such, so much so that he has been documented on lavish shopping sprees, fleets of high-end cars, and more. “The hustle is an art, I painted what I would think.”
  • WHO INFLUENCES YOU, IMPACTS YOUR LIFE: Growing up, Rick Ross was drawn to rappers such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, and Ice Cube, all of whom had a major impact on how Ross develops his lyrics. Ross was so inspired by listening to hip hop that, while in Albany State University on a football scholarship, he would start writing rap lyrics as a way to express the riches he gained from drug dealing. This is what started his career. Influences however, can sometimes even be negative; Apparently Rick Ross first started dealing since he’d seen it regularly throughout his neighborhood. Further Rick Ross influences can be seen in this visual reel, a video created by Maybach Music which depicts successful people, and even includes Napoleon Hill, of which seems to be a recurring representation of his album “Mastermind.” Napoleon Hill has a chapter specifically called “The Mastermind Principle.”
  • ‘EVERYDAY I’M HUSTLIN’: Rick Ross has the mentality of a hustler (similar to that of Jay Z). This all came about due to the work ethic he learned drug dealing when he was younger. In fact, his hip hop name “Rick Ross” come from the notorious “Freeway Rick Ross” kingpin that influenced the rapper while he was dealing. Little is known about Ross’ trafficking lifestyle, however there is documentation that has proved he was apart of that lifestyle. The mentality he learned from dealing was a transferable skill that he took with him into the rap game. He learned that hustling hard over a long period of time can accumulate to big things. “If you want to get some real money, always remember s**t’s going to take way longer then you planned for, so don’t put no time frame on that s**t if your going to do it ..say let’s do it.” Another major trait that Ross learned from the drug game was that “confidence is king,” although Ross can be seen as overweight, he constantly expresses himself shirtless, something that only people who are comfortable in their own skin could do.

Inspiring Facts of Rick Ross

“How many people you bless is how you measure success” – Rick Ross

Little Known Success Fact:

Rick Ross names his cars after other successful people, for example he has a car he calls Justin Bieber, Oprah, Rihanna, and Lindsay Lohan. Apparently these cars are for different reasons, for example the Justin Bieber was named because “all of the ladies scream” when driving that car. Rick Ross is constantly drawn to successful people, he joined Diddy’s Bad Boy Management team in 2008. He also takes good care of his entourage as he apparently buys them something every time he goes shopping.



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