Brilliant Concept: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Hate it or love it, the concept works generating over 15 million for the cause. Clever on many different levels. Creating awareness is the best way to bring about global change. It has stickiness as its clearly gone viral and everyone wants to see the reactions. Everyone involved is having fun and feeling a sense of contribution. Others are donating. Let’s face it: The ice challenge is genius!

The ripple effect of the ice bucket challenge has stormed the entire world and for good reason, awareness for ALS and direct donations for those not participating. Viral can be a term often related to things in the media or online that consist of little or no meaning. This is not one of those moments. In the case of the ice bucket challenge, its making a global impact and the viral chain of challenging friends, celebrities and even entire cities is spreading all over social media sites.

Creating awareness is one of the most efficient solutions to major global issues. The fact that most of us now know the term ALS is a sign that creating ‘awareness’ helps and its a contagious like process that makes a significant difference. People participating in the event are apart of the chain and are feeling the sense of contribution. Other examples of this include the pink ribbons representing breast cancer, or the Movember mustaches for prostate cancer. All three of these ‘awareness campaigns’ have been exceptionally creative, clever and world changing.

Rather than drinking a ton of alcohol or sniffing cinnamon, this challenge does not promote any real threat aside from a nice shock to the system and maybe having to donate 100$ for a good cause. And for the rest who love to express themselves countless on social media, why not get creative in how you take the splash.



‘Ice Bucket’ has been reportedly mentioned 2.2 million times on Twitter between June 1 and Aug 13. According to Facebook, the videos of the trend have reached 1.2 million. Celebrities have helped make this challenge sky rocket. Some of the participants include billionaires such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah Winfrey, athletes like LeBron James, or celebrities like Dwayne Johnson. Checkout some of the stars getting plunged below:

How it began:

Although no real source for where or who fully came up with the idea. The first alleged video recorded began initially as a competitive pursuit among professional golfers, most notably Golfer Chris Kennedy who was challenged by a friend, which, at the time, was for a charity of his choosing. He chose ALS because a relative was suffering from the disease. The rest was history.


“Without a doubt, the popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge … has encouraged tens of thousands of Americans not only to douse themselves with ice water but also to open their pocketbooks and to donate to the fight against ALS,” – Barbara J. Newhouse (President and CEO of the Association)


What Is ALS?

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord which can eventually result in death. There is currently no cure for the disease and proceeds are given to fund research and development. For much more in depth information on the disease, checkout the ALS website, which is currently receiving a massive amount of traffic, and for good reason. Sources say the increase of donations have surpassed 15 million, and the number WILL keep on increasing!



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