The Duck Dynasty Way of Business: 5 Lessons

Willie Robertson Speech

Duck Dynasty was one of the most viewed shows on air at its peak. The reason, a unique group of die hard duck hunters, people that don’t seem like they know much about business at first glance, when they actually know a lot more than most people think. There intrinsic traits are what has allowed them to amass millions of dollars. They didn’t just “get lucky” there was A LOT more to it then that. The success story of Duck Dynasty required the following lessons.


Duck Dynasty Lesson 1: Happiness Before Business: “Happy, Happy, Happy” – Phil Robertson

When watching Duck Dynasty, it’s easy to see that the gang knows how to lighten up and live life on their terms. From what is shown on the show, one can make the assumption that they molded there “dynasty” to encourage a fun work environment. In fact, Phil Robertson (Willie’s dad), once said that even though he grew up in an extremely poor household, he recalls his childhood as being “happy, happy, happy.” They put happiness first before business, and in return it takes the stress off the business allowing them to make much more sound decisions.


Duck Dynasty Lesson 2: Do what You Love “Terry chased the bucks, I chased the ducks” – Phil Robertson (about NFL Legend & Friend Terry Bradshaw)

An interesting and inspiring fact about Phil Robertson, he actually had the chance to join the NFL, but turned it down because he didn’t want to miss duck season. The lesson here, he did what he absolutely loved regardless of the money that may have came if he had joined the NFL. At this time is where Phil Robertson came up with the idea of creating duck calls. Long story short, a generation later, his 3rd son, ended up taking the duck hunting business to a whole other level allowing his family to be financially free.


Duck Dynasty Lesson 3: Sacrifice, How Bad Do You Want It

Like I mentioned earlier, Phil Robertson was extremely poor growing up, but one thing allowed them surpass their living conditions and flourish into their dream life, was duck hunting. Phil Robertson said he was once so poor that his family didn’t even have a toilet. Along with hunting, he’d lock himself in a shed and create duck calls daily. The Robertson family did what they wanted to do regardless of the money, even if it meant sacrificing financial needs today for a better tomorrow.


Duck Dynasty Lesson 4: The Right Skill Set

It wasn’t until Willie Robertson entered the picture that the family started seeing the big bucks roll in and turning a prototype duck call that Phil Robertson created, into a global hunting icon. The business is now known as the “Duck Commander.” Willie believes he couldn’t have turned the small business into the dynasty it is today had he not had the entrepreneurial skill set he now does, and a large portion of that skill set he credits to getting his BBA.


Duck Dynasty Lesson 5: Gratitude & A Deeper Meaning

Every show you’ll see that the family sits down, and says a prayer of gratitude before they eat. This may link to point one, that their underlying focus is on having a joyful life, and running a Dynasty comes secondary. When the kids were younger and Phil Robertson was still getting a handle of how to be a dad, he went through some extremely rough times and even became an alcoholic. Miss Kay (Willie’s mom) explains the tough times as horrific, however, through these times, Phil turned to spirituality, Christianity in specific, and credits a higher power for much of the “happy, happy, happy” lifestyle he has today, in fact, his oldest son became a pastor. Spirituality can, more often than not, put life into perspective, which, in return can help business flourish.



Image Source: “Willie Robertson” by geopungo – Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.