How To Be An Effective Leader

Being a leader can benefit you in every type of relationship you encounter. As a leader, you’ll learn to take charge of every situation, whether it’d be in your career, in your posse, or any other situation that involves a group of people.


Influence People And They Will Follow You

Being able to influence people, is the have the ability to persuade them into seeing things differently. When people see you as someone that knows what they’re doing in any situation, it means you have the ability to affect other peoples’ behaviors, opinions, and actions.

To influence people, there are 3 skills required, to be assertive, to have communication skills, and to be interpersonal. To be assertive is to be able to address main points with confidence. Think about it this way, when you’re planning an event with your friends, and no one can decide what to do, to be a leader you have to be able to confidently state your opinion and consequently, people will subconsciously look to you to lead the way. Next, to be influential, your communication skills have to be top-notch meaning that when you communicate, others listen. They don’t listen because of fear (being a fearsome person is NOT a leadership skill), but they listen because you talk fluently and have a way with words. The way you communicate is key to being an effective leader. To have interpersonal skills is the last main component to be able to influence. To be interpersonal means to connect with people on a personal level, and, yes, it is possible to connect to a group of people on a personal level all at once. To do this, you have to be a good listener and take other peoples’ opinions into consideration. This will gain the trust of the people around you.

A perfect example of someone who can influence is Tony Robbins, he has worked with everyone from average day people to A-list celebrities, and everyone tends to continue going to him for advice because he knows how to connect with people on a personal level, how to talk assertively, and use proper communication skills. Once you can persuade people in a positive and enthusiastic manner, you’ve become an influential person.


Navigating & Directing Any Situation

To be a leader, you have to learn to navigate and direct any situation, whether positive or negative. This means that anything that is going on, you have to be able to take that situation and direct it in the right way so that the people are more productive in whatever it is you’re leading them in. Imagine a ship full of your friends/coworkers/family (whatever it may be), and you are the captain, how would you lead the way so that everyone is assisting you in getting to where you need to be? This is leadership, where everyone works as a team; but a team that is guided by you.

In order to navigate and direct, you need to lead from intuition, and recognize peoples’ strengths.  A good leader doesn’t lead from the mind, but leads from the heart, he/she can sense whether the crew is going down the right path or the wrong path and makes decisions based on intuition, not ego. You have to have a knack for finding the strengths different people have so you can have people assist you effectively. For instance, say you’re leading something as simple as going on a road trip with friends and you’re the leader, the driver (the navigator), to be effective you have to direct the person most suitable for reading a map to sit in the passenger seat. Not only will this cause you to get to wherever you’re going more efficiently, but everyone will put their trust in you and allow you to lead more often.


Being Magnetic & Charismatic

There is a leader in every group of people, and that leader is always the most confident person. Leaders know when to draw attention to their selves so they can take charge and they do this not only through communication, but through personality and body language. They have a magnetic and charismatic persona.

To gain this desirable trait, you have to be calm, cool, and collected in every situation. If you look more uneasy than any other person in the group, why would people look to you for guidance? They won’t!  In every situation, you need to be content as if nothing around you throws you off and therefore people will want to be around you because they will feel protected and guided. Look at President Obama for example, he has a persona that can easily draw crowds, not because he is a president, but because he knows how to keep his cool in any situation, he doesn’t rush when he talks, and he doesn’t walk slouched over, but talks and walks with confidence. To be a leader you need to be confident.


3 Simple Tips to Remember:

  1. Remember peoples’ names. People will respect you when you talk to people by their first name.
  2. Speak up. When a leader talks, everyone listens. The way you project your voice, determines your level of confidence
  3. Appreciation goes a long way. Show appreciation and people will want to be around you.