Sidney Crosby

Born: August 7, 1987, Nova Scotia, Canada | Successful For: NHL Player | Zodiac Sign: Leo

Sidney Crosby Smiling

Inner Keys to Success:

  • INTENSE PASSION FOR THE GAME IS A MUST: Sidney Crosby had an extreme passion for hockey. At age 2 he was playing hockey in the basement and was already showing potential as he would make dents in the household dryer. A year later, Crosby had his first steps on ice at the young age of 3. At the age of 5, Crosby would go to the local hockey rink and practice, even if he wasn’t on a team, he just felt constantly drawn to the sport.Crosby’s skills began to become evident and by age 7 he was already known to the local sports press for his amazing hockey abilities. Crosby even stated “Wouldn’t it be amazing getting up everyday playing, doing something that you love to do?” as a kid in a Tim Hortons commercial.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE ON A CONSISTENT BASIS: Sidney Crosby outperforms on a consistent basis. Only a few NHL superstars are able to perform at a peak level over, and over again and Crosby is one of them. At age 10, he scored a staggering 159 goals in 55 games playing hockey in “Atom” and finished the season with an unbelievable 280 points. At 14, he was playing with players 3 years his age due to his consistent, high level of skill. When Crosby played for a high school hockey team in the US, he broke records. Crosby was drafted first overall in “midget” by the team Rimouski Oceanic of the QMJHL. In the league, Crosby played so great that he was invited to play for the Canadian Junior Hockey Team as the only player under 18 to play for Canada in the tournament. To no surprise, he became the youngest player to ever score a goal in the World Junior Championships.
  • PUT YOURSELF IN AN ENVIRONMENT OF ENCOURAGING PEOPLE: Sidney Crosby learned from the successors before him. Crosby was born into a family (dad, mom, and sister) focused on hockey, his dad was a 12th round draft pick for the Montreal Canadiens, but never made it to the NHL. His dad understood what it took to get to such a level, and encouraged his son to play the sport and not hold him back. Crosby’s mother would even work extra shifts to pay for Crosby’s equipment. The family was so confident in him that they signed him up for the QMJHL even though he was one year too young, although he didn’t get accepted that year, it was a clear sign his family was willing to do whatever it took. Crosby even lived with hockey legend

Sidney Crosby Success Story

“I want to be the best, so whatever comes with that, I’ll have to accept.” – Sidney Crosby

Little Known Success Fact:

“Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes” was a term dubbed for being one of the biggest hypes in the NHL draft; he was drafter first by the Pittsburgh Penguins. In his first year, he finished sixth in points, however, by his second season; he led the NHL with 120 points winning him the Art Ross Trophy. This accomplishment broke records because he was the youngest player, and first teenager to ever win a scoring title in any major North American sports league! That same year, he won many other trophies and was the seventh player to ever win 3 major trophies in the one year.


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