Matthew McConaughey 2014 Oscar Speech: 3 Things I Need Each Day


Matthew McConaughey gave one of the most inspirational speeches of Oscar history at the 2014 Oscar Awards. McConaughey won the prestigious award for Best Actor for starring in “Dallas Buyers Club.” When accepting the award, McConaughey thanked three major things in his life. The first being the almighty God who taught him gratitude always reciprocates itself, the second his family who always supported him, and the third, his hero someone to look upto. Who’s his hero? He states at 15, his hero was himself 10 years from then, however he says in a witty confident attitude when he reached 25, he still wasn’t his hero, in fact his hero then was himself 10 years from that age, and so he concludes by boldly stating that his hero will always be himself 10 years ahead of him, so he always has something to chase. 

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