Born: September 04, 1981, Texas, United States | Successful For: Musician, Businesswoman | Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Beyonce Inspiration

Inner Keys to Success:

  • PASSION GIVES YOU PURPOSE: Beyoncé Knowles indulged herself in what she loved to do, entertain through song and dance. She developed her strong interest in music when she participated in a school talent show. Beyoncé won the competition singing “Imagine” by John Lennon where she received a standing ovation beating out 15 and 16 year olds. She was enrolled in dance classes at a very young age, and her talent became evident when the teacher began humming a song and she finished it, hitting every high-pitched note perfectly. She started singing in her school choir along with her church choir at St. John’s Church and has now been a lifelong member and contributor. Beyoncé ended up winning something more than 30 dance competitions growing up. Speaking on her desires looking hindsight “My focus is my art, and that’s what I love to do. I have to be really passionate in order to do something. I’ve turned down many things that I just didn’t believe in.” Her and childhood friends appeared on Star Search in 1983 but had an unsuccessful run, but with a burning desire, nothing could slow her down enough to give up. She is even quoted as saying that to get over her shyness she developed a stage persona named “Sasha” which would be inspiration for an album name. Beyonce overcame her comfort zones and almost anything in the way to be able to pursue being a musician, stating “I always try to be myself. Ever since I was an introverted kid, I’d get on stage and be able to break out of my shell.”
  • GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE: Miss Independent has said herself The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.” It was her gut urge to express this, when she was young she dressed like a tomboy and refused to wear dresses. Today, Beyoncé is a highly driven woman with a deep calling to inspire women to be strong and on their own 2 feet. She continues to remind her female audience to have a very, very strong self-worth! And she’s the perfect spokeswomen, being that she fully practices what she preaches. During her time in Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé was perceived as a leader and when she embarked on her solo career, she made many uplifting songs to motivate women! She also learned from her own inner struggles as she suffered from depression for two years, but didn’t share it with the media since it was around the time that DC won their Grammy. Overcoming the adversity had sparked more reason to inspire others. “I remember being in Japan when Destiny’s Child put out ‘Independent Women’, and women there were saying how proud they were to have their own jobs, their own independent thinking, their own goals. It made me feel so proud, and I realized that one of my responsibilities was to inspire women in a deeper way.” A few years back, she became the spokeswoman for Girls Educational & mentoring Services to help victims of sex trafficking saying “Sisterhood means everything to me.” Beyoncé is also the co-founder of Chime for Change which is designed to empower women and girls through education, health and justice.
  • HAVE A STRONG MORAL COMPASS AND SURROUND YOURSELF WITH UP-LIFTERS: Her ethics and positive mind-frame all began when Beyonce was growing up in Houston, going to church with her family. “Pastor Rudy is still my pastor. I watched my parents get involved in there (community), and that taught me how important it is to ‘give ’til it hurts.’ I saw how happy you could make people, whether just giving someone a hug, having a conversation or spending some time, and it became a part of me.” She had a great foundation built within her, her family was her backbone, but SHE made the decision to do what felt right, then and there. As opposed to being rebellious, she let her uplifting parents give her the guidance. Her mom would let Beyonce and her friends perform at her salon, and her dad managed her career. Knowles’ dad even set up his own training program called “boot camp” for them to train. This is a common trait among successful people; they surround themselves with the right types of people to help them succeed. She let her father manage her girl band group. He believed in her so much that he left his six-figure sales job at Xerox. Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles designed the group members’ costumes and was their hair stylist too. Her dad would get the group various auditions in front of big record labels, eventually signing with Columbia. Beyonce Knowles had great role models too, as she idolized the Jackson 5, Dianna Ross and she stated “Tina Turner is someone that I admire, because she made her strength feminine and sexy.” Beyonce and her group were first discovered by Whitney Houston and when she began her solo career she toured with Christina Aguilera. She has even known Alicia Keys since she was 14. Choosing your role models, friends, and the right up lifters is critical to your future.

Beyonce motivating

“Your self worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.” – Beyonce

Inspiring Fact:

Beyonce Knowles is a powerhouse success being ranked first on the 100 Most Powerful & Influential musicians in the world list. Overall she has sold over 75 million records worldwide, and has accumulated 16 Grammy’s in total. Outside the music industry, She is a big philanthropist with a huge heart. Beyonce is always inspiring others with good deeds, she has a long list of ways she has served the world, here’s a full link from our friends at At a tour stop in Australia, Beyonce let a blind fan sing the “Irreplaceable” hook. Beyoncé offered a challenge to people around the world for Humanitarian Day: Perform a good deed and share it online. “Do one thing for another human being. Nothing is too small,” t begins with each of us. Make your mark and say ‘I was here,‘” she continued, “One day. One message. One billion people taking action for each other.” She always performs for good causes such as the Hope for Haiti Now event, singing for a cause called Stand Up for Cancer, and creating a song as the anthem to World Children’s Day. A well rounded individual, Beyonce has done it all and is a reminder of using your passion to serve the world! “Think about what truly touches you and motivates you to help, then start locally. Once it’s in your heart to give, you’ll have to follow through. I am a happy woman—very happy—because I know that I’ve worked hard, and I love being able to give back.”


“I’m not afraid of taking risks. No one can define me. I don’t like to gamble. But if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on is myself.”

 – Beyonce


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