Will Smith

Born: September 25, 1968, Pennsylvania, US | Successful For: Actor/Rapper | Zodiac Sign: Libra

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Inner Keys to Success:

  • JUST DECIDE WHAT IT IS YOU’RE GOING TO BE: Will Smith’s motivation comes from decision, Smith decided what he wanted to become at a very early age. In his interview with Tavis Smiley (watch the interview here), Smith quotes “Just decide, what it is you’re going to be, who you’re going to be, and how you’re going to do it….and the universe will move out your way”. At the age of 12, Will Smith began rapping after being inspired by hip hop moguls such as Grandmaster Flex, and at the by the time he was 18 (4 years later), Will Smith was already a multi-millionaire.
  • RUNNING & READING, A METAPHOR FOR PERSEVERANCE & LEARNING: In a speech when accepting an award, Will Smith says he believes the keys to life are running and reading. “When you’re running, there’s a little person that talks to you and say, “Oh I’m tired. My lung’s about to pop. I’m so hurt. There’s no way I can possibly continue.” You want to quit. If you learn to defeat that person when you’re running, you will learn how not to quit when things get hard in your life; [perseverance]. For reading, there have been gazillions of people that have lived before all of us. [learning].”This is evident in his own story whereby after becoming a successful rapper being a millionaire, he shortly after went into debt, but persevered. He gathered some money, moved to Hollywood, and eventually got the role for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • THE MENTALITY: BELIEF COUPLED WITH OPTIMISM: Will Smith always believed he could make it, after he “made the decision,” he was able to persevere because his belief was that it was inevitably going to become a reality. Will Smith has a success mentality, he once said “in my mind, I’ve always been an A-list Hollywood superstar, y’all just didn’t know yet.” It was this mentality that allowed the Fresh Prince to take the road less travelled. Smith even had the chance to go to University but declined it because he wanted to become a rapper and shortly after, an actor. Smith is also very optimistic, as a kid, he was known to get out of trouble for his optimistic attitude, and that attitude is also what attracts millions of people to watch him; even when being a rapper, Smith and Jazzy Jeff didn’t curse in any of their songs.

Will Smith Keys to Success

“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real but fear is a choice.” – Will Smith

Inspiring Fact:

Will Smith is extremely motivated, he often talks about his impeccable work ethic, he’s even stated he’ll never be outworked.“I always considered myself to be just average talent and what I have is a ridiculous insane obsessiveness for practice and preparation.” In fact, he developed this work ethic whereby his dad once tore down a brick wall and told Will and his brother to rebuild the wall (at the time, Will was only 12 and his brother only 9). It took them an entire year and a half to do it, and there dad taught them a lesson they’d never forget, stating “Now, don’t you ever tell me there’s somethin’ that you can’t do.” .


“We are who we choose to be.” – Will Smith



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