Ray Lewis ‘Effort’ Motivation Speech


One of the most chill giving epic speeches of all time that led to a Stanford underdog football team to victory in the finals. A very rare pep talk from Ray Lewis, aka Mr Motivation, on the power of effort and how it is truly the most important asset to accomplishing anything! You’ll want to run through a brick wall after viewing this as it gets every sense tingling with ambition!

“…that ain’t got nothing to do with talent, that just got everything to do with effort, nothing else”

“..I saw all of it, but only thing that kept me around it’s my effort”

“alI I ever knew (was that) effort would get me seen on tape, effort, will get me noticed to get to the league, effort,  would one day take care of my mum and my kids.”

“Effort! Which is between you and you, nobody else can give you effort, effort is within inside”

 “How much of our brain are we using?…”

“…there’s no other man out there willing to give up, what I’m willing to give up”

“The only thing that I got in the middle of that distance, it’s the only thing that follows work: it’s results! There’s no other blueprint. I ain’t got no other secrets to tell ya’ll today.”

“I ain’t come here for nothing else, but to tell y’all if want to do something, work at it! You want a better relationship with god, work at it!”

“You want to understand why pulling your pants up it’s important, why yes mam no mam it’s important, why being in the media with complete silence when somebody walks in, because it’s presence and essence that determines respect”

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