The Reasons SF Giants Won… AGAIN

Madison Bumgarner motivational sf giants

The San Francisco Giants went on to winning another World Series. 3 in 5 years is certainly a patented formula for success.

Many of the players in the locker room after the win, touched base on the fact they have such a family like atmosphere in the dressing room, on the road and out on the diamond pitch itself. Claiming the team is very close knit, having each others back no matter what, and just having fun.

Add the fact that many of the championship roster players from previous years have now attained the muscle for winning and have shared a glimpse of what it feels like to the newbies and rookies.

Aside from these points, there lies one single other major reason for the game 7 win. His name is Madison Bumgarner, the pitcher who shattered records this year and won the MVP of the tournament. He was a full-on warrior pitching one of the best performances in history.

Where Did Madison Bumgarner Get His Innate Abilities?

Well, the very first word that Madison Bumgarner actually spoke as a child was apparently “ball”. He was born to be a professional pitcher, by age 4 he was already participating in youth leagues in which his father had to sign a waiver as the age restriction was for five to eight year olds. By the time he was in high school (the same one as Michael Jordan), he was a throwing machine who had scouts and agents lined up at the schools doorstep. His father would build a wall around the bullpen at the school field to keep his son focused away from distractions. His father has always been gracefully supportive and prior to Madison going up to pitch in the game 7 series,  he texted his son this:

 “OMG. You’re so much more than awesome, to see you work on the mound reminds me of watching you in high school. You are willing yourself to perfection and dragging the team along with you. I couldn’t be more proud of your baseball accomplishments.” 



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