Bruce Willis

Born: March 19, 1955, Germany | Successful For: Actor, Producer | Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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Inner Keys to Success:

  • YOUR PROBLEMS HOLD WITHIN THEM THE SECRET TO GREATNESS: Bruce Willis didn’t allow his problems to affect him and instead compelled him to go after his dreams. Believe it or not, Bruce Willis used to stutter in school, so much that his friends nicknamed him “Buck.” The only thing that cured his stuttering was when he was on stage performing, he realized this as a youngster in school. Willis states “I could hardly talk. It took me three minutes to complete a sentence. It was crushing for anyone who wanted to express themselves, who wanted to be heard and couldn’t. It was frightening. Yet, when I became another character, in a play, I lost the stutter. It was phenomenal.” His stuttering problem enabled him to recognize the passion and freedom he had for being on stage.
  • BELIEVE THAT YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCES ARE LEADING YOU TO YOUR DESTINATION: Willis’ life experiences were the backbone to his acting career.  Willis was highly popular, had a charismatic attitude, and was even student council president, which later reflects his “alpha male” roles in Hollywood. Also, Bruce Willis grew up in a military family, and because his father was in the military, he gained the knowledge and skills in how soldiers acted and used them in his acting when playing action roles such as John McLane in Die Hard.
  • GO AGAINST THE ODDS, THEN GO ONE STEP FURTHER: When any reasonable person would give up, Bruce Willis went one step further. After graduating, Willis went on to work dead-end jobs such as a security guard, he later attended NYU and acted in everything from off Broadway shows to jean commercials. Bruce Willis finally auditioned for a major role in a movie called Desperately Seeking Susan, but didn’t get the part. However Willis didn’t give up but went one step further, he decided to stay at the studio an extra day and audition for a romantic comedy TV series called Moonlighting. When he auditioned, he dressed up in combat fatigues, and amazingly, Willis ended up beating a surmountable 3000 other actors for the part. Inspiring to say the least.

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I’m really just a regular guy who has had an incredibly blessed life. – Bruce Willis

Inspiring Fact:

Many people do not know but Bruce Willis is not only an amazing actor, but he was also a classic soul musician. In fact his song “Respect Yourself” reached number 5 on the charts in 1987.


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