Joe Montana

Born: June 11, 1956, Pennsylvania, US | Successful For: NFL Legend | Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Joe Montana inspiring story

Why Joe Montana Became So Successful:

MONTANA REMAINED COMPOSED AND TRUSTED THE PROCESS: Neither fast, tall, nor did Joe Montana have an exceptional arm, but he has always had a certain poise and confidence to be great that is almost unmatchable. From high school and university football to the NFL he has learned this ability to stay calm under pressure and make unbelievable comebacks. Montana went on to win an outstanding 4 Super Bowl championships, which is tied for the most wins by a quarterback with Terry Bradshaw. Montana had admitted to the challenge in trying to possess a trait which may have come natural to him saying “Confidence is a very fragile thing”. He was often nicknamed Joe Cool, The Golden Great and Comeback Joe as he accomplished an eye popping 31 fourth quarter comebacks. He had an almost mystical composure to seek order and opportunity while chaos surrounded him on the field. His coach and mentor Bill Walsh, who highly believed in his QB said “At his best, when Joe was in sync, he had an intuitive, instinctive nature rarely equaled by any athlete in any sport”.

THE GREATER THE GIFT THE DEEPER THE ROOTS: Joe Montana can easily be labelled the best quarterback of all time, which usually reflects an extreme deep seated desire. Absolutely the case with Joe Montana, as he had a strong passion for sports and in particular, the game of football. He expressed his love for the game when he was just a child waiting every day for his dad to come back from work to play catch in the yard. His dad confirmed that Joe was always waiting with a football in his hands. Montana expressed his interest early as his father taught him the game and even listed him as a 9 year old when he was only 8 so that he could meet the age requirements. He excelled at basketball, baseball and football in high school. And upon retirement, Montana has admitted to missing the game he loved a lot, however he had an optimistic approach to it all stating I don’t live in the past. I just live in the enjoyment of the game.”

JOE MONTANA STAYED ALIGNED WITH HIS FUTURE AND HIS GUT NUDGES: Joe Montana never allowed others’ opinions to alter his vision. Even when other schools which he wasn’t interested in, offered him basketball scholarships, or scouts didn’t rate him good enough, he still rose to stardom and did what he felt was right for himself. A key element of success is having this ability to not let other people get to you, rather use it as a driving force to become better and eventually like Joe, become the best! During his final high school year, North Carolina State University offered him a scholarship in basketball which he barely turned down, something most would regret. His sport of choice was clearly football. After high school he would go on to being a 7th string QB at Notre Dame proving himself with time and patience and eventually earning a degree in business administration and marketing. A big factor in his decision to attend Notre Dame was because one of his idols went there, Terry Hanratty. Montana was not rated very well by scouts and was drafted fairly late, being picked by the 49ers at 82nd overall in the 3rd round. Montana proved the scouts wrong as he became the best quarterback in NFL history. “My mother and father, Joe and Theresa Montana brought me along and taught me to never quit, and to strive to be the best.”

Joe Montana motivation

“Cause there’s only one reason for doing anything that you set out to do. If you don’t want to be the best, then there’s no reason going out and trying to accomplish anything.” – Quote by Joe Montana

Inspiring Fact:

Joe Montana had a huge level of trust put into him, creating a powerful self-worthiness. An only child who received praise from his father, to coaches throughout high school and Joe was from an area of Pittsburgh where many legendary footballers have been bred such as Dan Marino and Joe Namath. His college coach was very confident in him and said he would start the sophomore kid in the final, and when he was confronted by his wife saying “who is Joe Montana?” the coach replied “He’s the guy who’s going to feed our family for the next few years”.


 “Yeah, it’s nice to look up to people, but the more you try to be somebody else, the less you are of yourself.” – Joe Montana


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