Lana Del Rey Recommends Think And Grow Rich

Lana Del Rey Promotion

According to GQ Magazine, singer Lana Del Rey has read Think and Grow Rich, and believes you should too. After GQ asked which book she’d recommend, she responded with Think and Grow Rich. One can only assume that the book had an impact on how she became successful. She’s not the first celebrity to have read the highly popular self-help, wealth creation book by the late and great Napoleon Hill. In fact, in Rick Ross’ album “Masterminds” the hip-hop artist has a sample of the author. Other people who have been said to have read the book include Bruce Lee, and Daymond John (of Shark Tank).




Image Source: “Lana Del Rey Releases Music Video For New Track ‘Burning Desire’9” by Jaguar Cars MENAFlickr: Lana Del Rey Releases Music Video For New Track ‘Burning Desire’. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.