Kiesza’s Hideaway: A Mind-Blowing Fact

Kiesza Hideaway

Kiesza (born in Calgary), who’s dyslexic and claims to be a geek at heart (reads science blogs for fun); found song writing and music as her passion, shockingly co-wrote the major hit song Hideaway in under 90 minutes! As a young woman, she thought to herself, if she could be like any musician, who would she be? And Michael Jackson came to mind, she has a quenching passion for 90’s music and its clearly noticeable. This song, mind you again, written UNDER 90 minutes, topped the UK singles chart when releasing, then sold over 136,000 copies in a week, which made it the third fastest selling single in the UK, and has over 150,000,000 YouTube Views.



The Moral of the Story: Intuitive action is FAR more powerful than over-analyzing.







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