20 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Dyslexic

Dyslexia is NOT something to be ashamed of, in fact, in many ways, it can be a tremendous gift. Some of the greatest minds in the world are dyslexic; here are 20 famous people you didn’t know were dyslexic:

1. Sir Richard Branson (Founder of the Virgin Empire)


2. Kiesza (Singer)


3. Cher (Singer)


4. Thomas Edison (Inventor)


5. Albert Einstein (Scientist)


6. Orlando Bloom (Actor)


7. Whoopi Goldberg (Actor)


8. Jim Carrey (Actor)


9. Jay Leno (Comedian)


10. Leonardo da Vinci (Inventor, Painter, Architect)


11. Muhammad Ali (Boxer)


12. Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motors)


13. Walt Disney (Founder of Disney Empire)


14. Steven Spielberg (Film Director, Producer)


15. Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor)


16. Steve McQueen (Artist, Film Director)


17. Ozzy Osbourne (Singer)


18. Henry Winkler (Actor)


19. Tom Cruise (Actor)


20. Bruce Jenner (Olympic Athlete)