Jennifer Lopez On Affirmations To Stay Humble

According to and other sources, Jennifer Lopez sets aside at least 15 minutes everyday after she exercises for meditation, prayer, and affirmations. She states that this helps her stay grounded. The mega star is extremely busy as she wears many different hats from being a pop singer and actress, to having endorsements, owning her own company, and even judging on American Idol. Affirmations are a proven method to help one think in a more positive direction when used in the right way. And meditation has been proven to have significant health and mental awareness benefits.

On the days she feels exhausted in the morning Lopez states:

“To be quite honest, on those days, I really try to think positively. I try to do a lot of affirmations for good health and positive thinking to just get my mind and my spirit in the right place so I can face whatever it is that I need to face.” – Jennifer Lopez


And when Lopez was going through a divorce, to overcome the challenging situation, she read inspirational affirmations from the book You Can Heal Your Life by author Louise Hay.