50 Cent on Tavis Smiley (Convince Yourself)


50 cent talks about his work ethic, how he’s able to stay self motivated and where his business acumen comes from. 50 Cent states he had to feed off his own energy, he says you have to motivate yourself, into convincing yourself that you’re gonna make it. He states that you can kind of woo yourself into inspiring your own self. He says you can believe in yourself to a point where you become disciplined, and this skill is needed because there will be people who don’t believe in you. 50 Cent states he literally wrote everyday, because he couldn’t afford to transition from a hustling lifestyle to a broke lifestyle so he had to find a way out to provide for himself, his son, and his son’s mom.

50 Cent talks about his business mentality which comes from what he believes as ambition, and states that ambition isn’t a learnt trait but a trait that you’re born with, a trait that makes you think limitless, the ability to say “I think I got another idea, I could make this work”

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