5 Life Lessons To Learn From 50 Cent

“I’m a track star running through life, chasing my dream.” – 50 Cent

First of all, why should you learn anything from 50 Cent? Well, put it this way, he’s won over 80 music awards, lives an extremely fit and healthy lifestyle, in fact he doesn’t drink or smoke, and he’s gone from rags to riches. Applying even some of the lessons you see here will benefit your entire life tremendously.

Lesson 1: Plain And Simple, Work Hard

50 Cent was known to have worked on songs day in and day out, he’d be the first one up and the last one asleep. Even when his boys went out to party, he’d stay back and prepare to hustle whether it’d be in music or, in his younger years, sell drugs.

You don’t have to do hard work, you can do work you enjoy, but you have to work hard at it. It’s a simple, yet powerful law, what you put in is what you get out. If you want to be rewarded you got to put in effort.

Lesson 2: Intense Realism

In the book The 50th Law, written by Robert Greene and 50 Cent, Greene states that 50 Cent has this ability to live so in the moment that he learns to use real-world situations in the business world. In other words, even in the worst of situations, he knows how to be in the moment.

If you’re going to try and succeed at anything, you might as well be aware of everything you do, and that means not thinking about anything else but what’s at hand. When you work out, focus on your exercise, when you’re starting a business, focus on that day’s tasks, even when you’re going on a date, be in the moment. Things will go a lot smoother, you won’t be worrying about what could have been, or fearing about what might happen, but you’ll be on your “A” game. Learn to see everything as a lesson that could benefit you later on.

Lesson 3: Take Up Space In The World (No Fear)

The ambitious rapper is known for making diss track after diss track, however, it’s not these tracks that have labeled him as a fearless individual, it’s his admirable confidence that gives him the ability to walk into any room and take control. 50 Cent has done various different business ventures with some of the biggest corporations in the world because he shows no fear in the board room, and thus businessmen are dying to partner with him. They begin to think, if he doesn’t show fear in front of big business moguls, he won’t have any fear in taking risky action to make the big bucks.

Nice guys finish last in every area of life, but that doesn’t mean jerks finish first. It means confidence is king, confident people who aren’t afraid to take what’s theirs and make things happen always win. You can’t go through life hoping people will pave the way for you, the truth is, you have to plow your way through life to get what you want.

Lesson 4: Cut Out Anyone Holding You Back

50 Cent himself has said that his grandpa used to tell him that he’d be as successful as the people he was hanging out with, and therefore, he cut out everyone that wasn’t adding value to his life. He only hung around people that helped him get somewhere, and as a result, he skyrocketed to success. Even now, 50 follows the rule, which is why he’s seen taking pictures with other hip-hop moguls, and seems to ignore other rappers that don’t have much going for themselves.

Environment is stronger than willpower! If you surround yourself with downers, guess what, you’ll become a downer in life as well. You may feel uncomfortable hanging around people who are more successful than you, but you’ll learn a heck of a lot more from people who’ve achieved more than you than people who haven’t done anything with their lives.

Lesson 5: Have Patience

The rapper started creating music lyrics around the age 22, but didn’t get famous until 28, meaning he had to be patient for 6 whole years in order for his dreams to come true. He stated that he had to constantly reconfirm to himself that he was going to be a success in order for him to get the confidence needed to actually stay consistent. If 50 Cent got discouraged at any moment in those 6 longing years, he would’ve been a failure.

There’s a famous saying in the bible, “good things come to those who wait” and it couldn’t be truer. When you’re working towards something, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results, it’s a test of faith; you have to be able to go through the pain barriers to reap the rewards.

Well there you have it, 5 golden keys to 50 Cents success, and if he can do it, you can too! Let us know your thoughts on 50 Cents work ethic below.