Thomas Edison – Failures & Rejections

Thomas Edison inspiring motivating

The visionary and famous inventor Thomas Edison will always go down in history for his amazing breakthrough’s in science and unique creations. He is the man responsible for creating the phonograph, the camera and most notably the light bulb. In fact, he was such an inventor that he held over 1,000 different patents. Edison is linked to the massive General Electric brand too.

Prior to this success, Edison was often told by his teachers that he was “too stupid to learn anything”. In fact, he was only self educated through visits to the Cooper Union (a privately funded college in Manhattan). A somewhat social misfit too who was fired from his very first 2 jobs for not being productive enough. And with his famous inventions, he initially made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. Can you imagine the 900th time not getting it right? Such persistence.

#MoralOfTheStory: Never listen to what other people think of you, authorities (teachers or employers) or not. Follow your instincts and what you feel a deep yearning purpose towards! With persistence, the same ones who called you stupid are the same ones who will call you genius…Never listen to them anyway!

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison




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